Which Alma epi to get? Black or purple?

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Which colour epi Alma should I get?

  1. Purple

  2. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've decided to buy my first designer handbag. This will be my first and probably last big purchase for a good few years to come so I want to make sure it doesn't date any time soon. I am in my late 20's.

    I work in an office and would like this to be both my work and weekend handbag. So basically an everyday bag :smile:

    What colour would you recommend for me, black or purple?
  2. black
  3. Black
  4. Black...it would go with any outfit! The purple would be more of a challenge to pair with clothes.
  5. I'd say purple since it is discontinued. There are tons of Black epi bags that you can get later. If you have no plans to get other epi bags, then black would be the way to go. They are both gorgeous.
  6. The Alma in noir just looks extra elegant! This is a bag you can definitely use for years to come and perhaps pass it on to a daughter. It's just so classic!
  7. Purple! It's a unique colour! ;)
  8. If you can find it in cassis then get it!
  9. Black.......... classic and corn be worn for a really long time without looking dated.
  10. Black because it looks classy. You won't regret it!
  11. Black but only because I am biased! I love mine!
  12. Black!
  13. The Epi Alma looks amazing in black.
  14. Black!! I love my black epi alma :love:
  15. Definitely black!