which ALMA, BB or PM in what color

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    i decide to go with ALMA, but cant decide which one, BB or PM. there is no boutique store in my city, unfortunately cant try it.

    I would use it for everyday use and i usually more prefer a bigger bag since 99% of my bags are big. i love crossbody bag and not sure if i could handle bag with top handle only

    in terms of color, i am thinking of black EPI, but find navy is also good... i would prefer a color that would fit any outfit, any other suggestion? grey? or red? i love red it is very rich, but not sure if it goes well with outfit

  2. Get the alma pm and buy strap as well. I would get grey bc it goes with everything, navy and reds may look dated in time. Black is safe but can be boring.

  3. +1
  4. I personally like Figue (maybe I'm biased bc I have it!). But I love it so much! You mentioned you loved red bc it's rich, and I think the same applies to this particular purple! I love the idea of color neutrals, as I believe purple goes with a lot! Purple is a year round color, and of course it's wonderful with black. But it is also beautiful with yellow, green, red, pink, blue, gray, brown, camel, you name it! Before I bought the Figue, I already had a purple tory burch middy satchel and a purple prada saffiano tote. I wore them so much that I realized how versatile purple was, and justified getting the figue! And my figue alma PM is my favorite out of all of them! So that's my vote!

    Anywho, off my purple soapbox :hbeat:… in terms of size, I'd vote the Alma PM and buy the optional strap!
  5. I got the alma bb in Indian Rose and I absolutely love it ! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391150643.820339.jpg
  6. beautiful color!

    OP, I suggest getting the Alma PM with a strap.
  7. Haha of course ! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391155221.641032.jpg 😊😊 hope you like it !
  8. I have the Alma PM in the color Rose Indien and I think it's absolutely gorg. I love it soooo much! The BB is a bit too tiny IMO.
  9. Alma pm in black epi :smile:
  10. how tall you are? i am 5,5the bb is perfect on me,both on shoulder and crossboday...oh and on arm.....my friend really likes mine ...but whenn she tried mine crossbody, the strap is too short and it looks that the bag stays on her waist ....she is about 5.7....but to me, the BB is perfect and very practical......it can be dressed up and dressed down.....it is a definitely everyday bag...hope it helps

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  11. BTW, navy is good and beautiful color!
  12. Get the Alma PM, Mine is a perfect size. I dont carry a lot, just wallet, makeup bag, phone and my note book. Buy the strap as well if you like it cross body...
  13. I would get the BB or GM. The PM is just an awkward size to me.
  14. Alma PM in Black Epi would suit your needs well! You can get the crossbody strap for it.
  15. I just got an Epi bb in Carmine. It is a pretty bag but i do not think its good gor everyday use. Dinners out, or lunch with friends. Maybe quick trips to the grocery store but thats about it. Unless you do not carry much it will be ok. I suggest the pm size and buy the strap if you need more room. gl :smile: