Which Ali should I get...

  1. Natural leather or khaki/Black Sig ? I'm thinking about some Ali's on eBay... I like the leather one a lot, but my only concern is that I already have the vachetta ergo hobo and I'm thinking they are about the same color? I really like the khaki/sig because I only have 1 black bag and this one could go with black too... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I'm telling you I should ban myself from even LOOKING at eBay :roflmfao: It gets me in trouble...
  2. The natural is incredible. Seriously. It goes with literally everything and is the perfect, stunning neutral.

    Yes, it shows scratches quickly but it'll get better over time.
  3. I'd go natural! I'm just not into khaki sig at all on any bag, sorry.
  4. I love the Ali in natural leather. It is absolutely gorgeous, and it gets my vote!
  5. I'd go natural leather too. I had a gold/khaki one and even though it was light, I found it more slouchy than I wanted. I like the leather ones!
  6. The Natural is a great color for the Ali Bag. So is the brown in my opinion if you can find it.
  7. The Natural Ali is my favorite bag of all time. I am now hunting for the shoulder bag in natural!
  8. Personally, I love the khaki.black sig. It's a great color combo! Esp. on an Ali, you're so lucky!!
    I had to ban myself from eBay too!!:p Although I sorta broke my ban!:graucho:
  9. Definitely the leather. I've got the khaki/black sig and while I do like, it gets worn looking fairly quickly. I wish now I had gotten the leather.
  10. Ali is one bag I definately prefer in leather, and I LOVE the natural.. get the natural!!! :tup:
  11. since you already have the ergo, dont get the natural ali... it is practically the same color!!! if u can take care of white, the white looks gorgeous, or the black, or the khaki/white or the whiskey or any color lol