Which Alexander Wang are you SEARCHING for???

  1. I'm also looking for a Rocco in petrol on sale, as well as a Rocco or Diego in granite for less than retail.
  2. I am looking for a black Rocco with Rose Gold hardware on sale. It can be a used bag.
  3. I'd love to find a Rocco in Luggage and Latte!
  4. I'd love to find a Latte Rocco as well...I think there are an awful lot of us looking for this bag!! It's an endangered species I'm afraid. :nogood:
  5. Not sure if we're supposed to be putting shoes in here. I'm looking for the black Liya pumps in 37.5. Any leads GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Yes, you can :smile:

  7. me three for the latte!!! it's such a gorgeous combo!! wonder if AW would ever consider bringing it back by popular demand!!!
  8. Me four ceedoan... Lol I wish
  9. You're very welcome :smile: you have to post mod pics soon
  10. I got a pair of Liya pumps! Popped back on a site that had been sold out. Final sale, cross your fingers they work :smile:
  11. Does anyone know where I can find the Marion or Emile in Black pebble leather with rose gold hardware? I've been looking for these bags for ages but not luck. :sad:
  12. If anyone is interested, Barnies in Chicago has a Dumbo fold over clutch in petrol on clearance! I almost bit, but decided to pass as I never really use a clutch. It was gorgeous! Someone go get it please and make me feel better about passing on it because a fellow TPF'r got it! I have the name of a great SA there if you do decide.