Which Alexander McQueen Scarf would you choose?

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  1. Hi everyone! I am trying to decide between the black/creme and grey/creme skull scarf and it's hard. I have the black/creme but I am thinking of exchanging it for something a little more subtle but I'm not sure.

    Could you please let me know which color combo you like best? Thanks for your opinions. Hopefully, these links will work so you can see an example of each.


  2. I prefer the more subtle one in the grey, but it all depends on what would coordinate better with your wardrobe.
  3. Personally I like the grey one however, I wear alot of grey. Like HauteMama said, the grey is more subtle, where as the white would make an outfit pop more. It really depends on what look your aiming for!
  4. I think the grey would be more versatile.
  5. first one
  6. I think grey is too subtle!
    I'd go for the creme!

    I luv these scarves, however, be aware that they are quite delicate!
    I have one in plum/dark plum and there are already a few snags.....I definitely dont think they warrant the high price tag, but they're still lovely!
  7. ^i meant lilac/plum*
  8. the grey one is really cute! i've got the white and black, but i think that combo is a bit boring now
  9. My favourite is white/black I think.

    Out of black/white or grey/white I think I'd go for grey. It's less common. ;)
  10. I like the grey/cream scarf. Its more understated IMO, and that's what I would rather wear. If you are more edgy. Then the black/cream scarf would be good.
  11. Grey or Black/Ivory
  12. I like the gray one in the second picture better
  13. I prefer the grey scarf.
  14. Personally I would go for the grey but depending on the colours you wear the cream could be better. The cream would look better with brown tones.
  15. I like the grey - and the violet green!