Which Alex Tote to Get?

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  1. Okay, so all of my purse frenzy aside, before I buy anymore pretty but not so practical purses, I need a new tote for work. Everyday, I take my folder (one of those leather portfolio folders) and my 15.4" Dell (which is a little heavy). I'm looking for a tote already lightweight on its own and I was drawn to the Alex collection. Now which one should I get....



    ALEX STITCHED PATENT LARGE TOTE Style 14255 in black

    Of course both are no longer available on-line, so I would have to hunt down both. I found the quilted tote on ebay and I found the patent tote on ebay. I like the quilted tote better, but how is it as far as durability? I've tried it on in the store a while ago and I really liked the weight of it and the size. And I need to have a tote that zips up because I can't have my work laptop rained on.

    So.... which one would be the best for a lightweight and durable tote?

    Thanks everyone!

    And I will post collection pics soon... verrry soon ;)
  2. OMG Get the Quilted! I have it and it is my fav bag so far! It is very lightweight but since its quilted I think you'll be fine with a laptop in it.

    Is to me the most beautiful bag in the Alex collection and a great tote.
  4. I have the quilted tote as well. I am using it for diaper bag right now and it is perfect. It holds so much stuff and it is not heavy at all!
  5. I have the patent leather in dark gray and I love it! I'm actually wanting to buy the black one also, I like it so much. I like the quilted also. But since I already have and love the patent, I would suggest that. Good luck with your decision. Can't wait to see which one you pick!
  6. Thanks ladies!
  7. I have the large patent Alex tote in Black and I absolutely love it! Very lightweight, great strap drop, and really just a gorgeous "glam" bag! :smile:
  8. I'd get the patent tote, I've seen her IRL on someone at the mall, and it was stunning!!!
  9. Partial to patent. Plus the shine is gorgeous!
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