Which alcoholic drink kills you?

  1. Uhh... nothing bothers me. I dislike Beer but I can drink it fine. I really like mixed drinks. I love Tequila, Kahlua, Rum, Vodka....guess I am a bit of a drinker!
  2. red wine... definitely... I don't even need to go to bed for the hangover to kink in, it's almost instantaneous. Oddly I'm very good with spirits but the grape really gets me...
  3. I had an unfortunate experience with tequila in college. Needless to say, I haven't had it since. I can't even smell it or I will gag.
  4. heehee i never thought about this, but i would say ALL ALCOHOL gives me hangovers if i drink too much of it? it's the volume really, not what kind for me!
  5. my problem is when there are too many liquors mixed together. if I stick to one thing, I'm fine, even if its strong stuff like martinis etc. but long island iced teas or anything like that and I'm done
  6. vodka and red bull, even the smell makes me feel ill.
    oh and something called a brain hemorage. baileys and peach shnapps sit on top of each other and then you add red food coloring.
  7. Nothing really gets to me, either. I just get really sleepy from drinking, not hung-over. Sangria is my fave, mostly wine, not really hard drinks, maybe that is why. I don't like B&B or drinks like that. :smile:
  8. all alcohol makes me feel sick
    thats why i dont drink :smile:
  9. No dark Liquor. Ever.
  10. Long island ice tea. :tdown:
  11. Mexican alcohol for some reason makes me feel ill right away. (Tequila, Patron..Corona, Dos Equis, Tecate):yucky:
    I like Heineken, Sam Adams, Kirin, Asahi and I can drink any hard liquor no prob.:p
  12. In college, I had unfortunate experiences with most of the hard liquors, haven't touched 'em in 30 years, except for once or twice a year maybe a margerita or a daquiri.

    Now, wine, that's another story! Red wine affects me the next day much more so than white. I think I heard it is because of the tannins?
  13. Right now, unfortanatly everything! I've been taking klonopin for anxiety and the two just do not mix. Last week I had 3 glasses of wine and thought I would die. Not to mention heart palpitations
  14. sorry, duplicate post. Computer soooo slow
  15. Tequila.Don't wanna have it anymore.