Which alcoholic drink kills you?

  1. oh gosh...just the SMELL of jaeger makes me sick! :throwup:
  2. Same here, love champagne, but my stomach can't take too much...

    What I'd like to know, do any of you girls feel the hangovers are getting worse as you're getting older? When I think of what we use to put away partying in our hay days, the amount of alcohol that makes me feel off now seems pathetic...That's why I hardly drink anymore, 'cause the hangovers I sometimes get just after 3-4 glasses of wine don't seem worth it!
    But I'm going to follow ProfNot's advice and see if it helps. I'm so jealous of Amanda, my friend is like that, she can leave my house absolutely legless, go home to sleep it off and is right as rain the next day, while I'm dying:sick::sick:
  3. Anything more than a couple sips of alcohol.

    I don't like not knowing what's going on and I don't like not being in complete control of myself, so I don't really like to get too tipsy.

    (One time, my parents picked me up from where I worked and drove me to the restaurant where we were having dinner. The plan was that after dinner, they'd drop me off so I could get my car. I ordered a Cosmo and nursed it throughout the meal. By the time we were done with dinner, I realized I couldn't drive my own car home.)
  4. I can't really say that I ever get sick off any alcohol.. Just give me more!

    I don't like the taste of Jack, so I broke up with him.

    Champagne gets me giddy really quickly!
  5. Beer! The smell, the taste it just rubs me the wrong way, and it looks like pee.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. thats really interesting!

    my SO cannot handle the smell of tequila any more, but he can cook with it but opening the bottle and smelling it gets him a little ill.
  8. Back in my teen years I participated in a little bit of dangerous 'binge drinking' the results:

    Jagermeister + Goldschlager = no
    "Golden Wedding" cheapo whiskey = no

    The Jagermeister + Goldschlager day made me quite insane, apparently I hit my head on a cinder block and didn't notice...?:wtf: Anyways once I went home I had the spins and I was siiiiiccckkkk!!

    The Golden Wedding problem was I just drank too much too fast. I thought I was dying that time! But I threw a cup at my friend's head and it made this hollow "doink" noise, now whenever I think of that night I hear the "doink" noise and it makes me laugh!

    Beer is also just yucky. My boyfriend is always trying to get me to like beer...:rolleyes:

    Anyways, the moral of this story is don't binge drink, it's so dangerous and bad for you!! :noggin:
  9. What profnot said is sooo true. It took me years to finally figure out HOW to drink and not get sick or have a bad hangover. For me, it is very important to drink each drink slowly and be sure to eat a little something each hour, like some chips or hors d'oeurves (sp?). And after a few drinks, drink some water and take a little break. You can party all night this way, and still be in control of yourself and not get sick.
  10. Tequila!! Did b-day shots in college and ended up in Canada w/ my boyfriend!
  11. Bad champagne gives me a horrible headache, so I stick with Dom or Cristal but usually just have a vodka tonic or white wine instead.
  12. I only really drink wine. I much prefer white, red can give me a headache.
    In summer I sometimes like a long, cool gin & tonic but that too can give me a headache so I stick to wine!
  13. 151..... that's dumb of me.
  14. Apple martinis and Lemon drop shots..............:throwup: Tried those once several years ago...big mistake. I only drink wine, champagne or clear expensive liquor like Patron silver.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: oh this reminds me of CONTIKI - i'd have to say, SMIROFF BLACK - that got me totally sick - the next morning, i never made it on my helicoptor ride over the Rockies - instead i was puking and sleeping on the bus!