Which alcoholic drink kills you?

  1. What kind of drinks gives you the biggest trouble - hangover, upset stomach... that kind of stuff?

    Let me start - Amarone has done the worst things on me. I don't understand how it works, but this wine gives me the worst hangover experiences. Last night I had two glasses of this wine, and I had a hangover the WHOLE day today, and I'm ready to go back to bed again. In case you're wondering, it was so bad that I didn't go to work today, all because of 2 glasses of wine... which sounds pretty ridiculous.

    Two glasses of other wine is fine with me, but seems like that extra 2% in Amarone is killing me. However, when I go out and have 3-4 cocktails or martinis, I'm fine the next day also.

    My BF, who shared the bottle of Amarone with me, was fine today. But he can't handle mixed drinks. So I'm wondering maybe there's this special something in a specific kind of alcohol that hits you? :confused1:

    How about you?
  2. Champagne gives me the worst hangovers...:throwup: Of course if I'd quit drinking after the first glass I would probably be fine...lol
  3. Bacardi 151

    I used to always get sick from it, now I'm conditioned to feel queezy if i smell, taste, or even see it. In fact, my stomach is feeling a little funny right now just from talking about it. :throwup:
  4. smirnoff ice.....blaaakkk...can't even make it to two before getting sick, they're so sugarrryy!!! :o
  6. Red wine and tequila!(not together, obviously--even I am not that crazy!)
  7. anything mixed with OJ
  8. jager. i figured that one out the hard way this week.

    and beer. i just simply cannot tolerate beer. though maybe if i drank less than, oh, 8 in a night, i would be okay...(i have no concept of moderation at this point or that beer is not "just as good as water"...).
  9. Jaegermeister. The one and only time I drank it, I left my body.
  10. Vodka! It's the impurties in cheap vodka that just gag me :yucky:
    Rum is nasty, too but I am slowly enjoying the benifits of Mojitos :graucho:

  11. ROFL..Some of my best college memories were on that stuff..................:nuts: :wtf: :rolleyes: heeheeheehee
  12. ALL ALCOHOL:throwup:
    That's why I don't drink:shame:
  13. see, i LOVE vodka...but it's gotta be grey goose.

    i think if i drank jager more, i wouldn't HAVE any college memories...
  14. Ketel 1, I swear to Dog that one is not enough and two is too many :shame:
  15. all of them! i throw up constantly after i drink, i even keep trying to throw up after there's nothing left. when i'm finally done throwing up, all i want to do is sleep. needless to say, i've only drank twice.