Which airlines do you prefer?

  1. Lufthansa! United is also good
  2. Singapore is my favorite

    AA is the worst! LOATH them. They are rude, rude, rude, rude! AA is the only airlines I've written complaint letters about. Unfortunately, when I visit my mother, American Eagle has a monopoly and I have no choice. American Eagle is about 1% worse than AA!!
  3. emirates all the way.............. the best service ever..........
  4. ^Totally agree. looove emirates.
  5. I love ANA and fly them exclusively (where they have a route) and several times a year. Their food is good, service excellent, new and clean planes. Economy is not "terrible" and business is excellent. Customer service is great too. They have never damaged my luggage either. I get seat upgrades alot too which is a plus. I hear so much good things about singapore and cathay pacific, if I was flying on their routes I might try them instead of ANA.

    I don't mind Lufthansa...but I disliked how the seats on a washington to frankfurt flight did not have inflight personal TVs. I don't even think first class had them.

    I don't mind air france either...when I flew them the service sucked but everything else was okay.

    I dislike american and northwest...I fly them if I have to but I try to avoid it at all costs.

    I will never fly alitalia again. Ever. Horrible rude service. Horrible food. Dirty smelly poorly maintained planes. I thought my seat was going to break and the plane was going to fall out of the sky.
  6. I've tried AA, United and Southwest.. horrible experience with them.. FA's are not that accomodating and friendly (makes me feel like they dislike their job, esp the Southwest FA's).

    The best airline for me is Singapore Airlines. From the moment I check in until I arrive at my destination.. superb Customer Service. I once travelled alone with a toddler and A LOT of luggage.. they provided assistance to me from the minute I checked in.. until I get situated in my seat.. till I arrived at my destination, the plane landed.. an assistant was waiting for me at the plane's exit.. until I got my luggages. I will definitely fly with them again! Food was also great! Economy Class is great too! PLUS their Customer Service is AWESOME!!!
  7. I´ve tried Air Canada, Air France, KLM, AA, US Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, SAS, Spanair......and my favorite was Virgin Atlantic !
  8. I've flown USAir countless times and their customer service is lacking - but I always got good deals on airfare & bonus FF miles for booking online. They have a great network of east coast destinations and when I was flying from Providence RI to Raleigh NC I got great fares.

    I also don't mind Southwest, SO and I have flown them a couple times when we've gone to FL on vacation. As long as you get "A" seating it's a piece of cake. Plus it's a direct flight from RDU to MCO.

    Not a huge fan of Delta, I don't like their older aircraft.
  9. Singapore Airlines has always had the best service. And it's clean...very important on long flights! Air Tahiti Nui was really nice too!
  10. Emirates Airlines.
    Gulf Air only if flying Business Class.
  11. Since my DH works for Delta, I vote Delta!
  12. I like Southwest. Fly with them about once a month to visit my boyfriend. Virgin America is nice.

    I cannot stand American Airlines. Awful customer service and constant delays. Ugh...just thinking about them makes me angry.
  13. I have miles in TACA but ive traveled in AMERICAN and I stay with TACA since they got a new jet to travel from honduras to US so its way more comfortable the seats and all and its always on time..!!!
  14. I like malaysia airlines, singapore airlines, cathay & emirates.

    Qantas domestic staff have always been quite nice but I'm not sure about their international flights. Fact that they constantly have problems either with their engines or staff unwilling to work because of pay issues make me hesitant.

    I didn't really like flying on Thai airways. Old planes and staff weren't that great.
  15. I just flew Delta BE over to Vienna...confirms why I like Air France into Paris so much better.

    Food on Delta BE was mediocre, and even their new configured seats aren't that comfortable. Service was great from all but one attendant.

    At least we fly AF home...I'll avoid Delta international at all costs now.