Which airlines do you prefer?

  1. I thought I would make a thread on every one preference in airlines:p

    I love Continental and Lufthansa...They both have great service:tup:
  2. cathay is good...even china airlines...never tried continental and lufthansa...will give it a shot :smile:
  3. I like Jet Blue and Virgin America. TV makes the flight go by so much faster.
  4. haven't had any issues with united so far. don't care much for american.

    and for interisland, i like aloha airlines :smile:
  5. Jetblue to fly from CA -NYC
    American from CA-Belize
    Southwest to Las vegas
  6. I have the most miles with the Sky Team Alliance (Delta, Continental) and I'm very happy with their service. I also frequently fly on United and haven't had any problems.

    However, I am much more strongly opinionated on what airline I will not fly and that is American. I currently have a claim open with them for missing luggage and they are impossible to deal with. I've also had several customer service issues with them, including toilet bowl cleaner that they used to clean up vomit staining my shoes and bag.
  7. To Europe-Luftansa(sp?)
    In the cont. US-Frontier
  8. I like:
    American Airlines
    in that order.

    Things I dislike:
    United flights always smell funny (???)
    US Air is always late
    Southwest makes me feel like cattle
    Continental flights tend to be cramped
  9. I kept living in places that are United hubs....and despite the fact that Chicago is a big 'ole mess and horrible for cancelling flights....I'll vote United.

    I also LOVED British Airways!!! Great service, comfortable, friendly attendants!
  10. KLM, Air France and British Airways.
  11. Emirates airline, the best airline ever :p

    its the only airline i have ever used that is why its my fave
  12. For domestic flights I strongly perfer Midwest Airlines. Many flights are business class seats throughout the cabin and they serve chocolate chip cookies after 10am! What can beat fresh cookies?!

    Continental is generally good too. They are usually quick to compensate me for any mistakes or delayed travel.
  13. WestJet.
  14. I like- Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand

    I don't mind- JAL, ANA, Eva Air, NWA, Cathay Pacific

    I don't care for- Qantas, China Eastern, United, Aloha Airlines
  15. Preference is CO - I've been flying them for the past 10 years and have had some sort of status for at least 8 of those. Upgrades are decent on the domestic routes I normally fly if I plan my flights well.

    I am not a huge fan of AA but my company has a preferred agreement with them so I fly AA most of the time overseas (for work anyhow).

    I'm noting it is much easier to snag international upgrades on AA than it is on CO (boo b/c most of my miles are on... you guessed it!

    Someone mentioned Midwest in another post. Used to love flying them.. Loved those cookies!