Which agenda?

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  1. I am having a tough time deciding which agenda to buy, the groom in red or the mono koala in mandarin. I like both. Which would you choose and why? TIA
  2. I would choose the Mono Koala, because it is classy. The Groom is more "cute", IMO. Depends what YOU want.
  3. Hmmm... It would depend on on one big factor, for me.

    One~ is it an agenda I am going to use EVERYDAY? If so, the groom would be a little more practical just because it would go with more of my bags. Yes, I am one of those match-all-my-accessories kinda people, LOL, ;). Then again, if I have alot of Monogram only bags, both agendas would match beautifully.

    My collection is very diverse. A mandarin epi piece would not go with my CB items, my red vernis, my fuschia or framboise vernis, fuschia denim, see what I am saying?

    I would go for the groom if you are wanting an agenda that is versatile color wise, to go with all your handbags. HTH
  4. Mono koala+1, While groom is cute, but i'd be worry about the rubbing off as many tPFers have mentiong before. Agenda is something i use frequently, so i'd go w/something that's more durable, love my Damier Koala :smile:
  5. I'm partial to the mono koala. Very cute!

  6. That is my concern with the groom as well. I will be using this agenda everyday, do you have any issues with the clasp on your koala?
  7. I guess I am in the minority, but I love the groom agenda! :love: Plus it is limited edition. I want it in the yellow or blue though.

    My SA said the koala clasp is harder to get into.
  8. But the mono koala is only mandarin on the inside, she's not referring to mandarin epi, otherwise I would agree, although I love mandarin epi....

    I say mandarin koala, I'm not a fan of the groom items but that aside they seem much more high maint. with the silk screen design that can wear off....