Which Agenda?

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which agenda

  1. Vernis amarante

  2. Monogram canvas labels

  3. other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. OK so I just bought a vernis alma pm in blue nuit and vernis sarah wallet in blue nuit. I now need an agenda pm, but which one?

    Agenda in vernis amarante
    Agenda labels in monogram canvas


    Thanks again to the members of tPF for their expert advice!
  2. I prefer the Amarante or maybe Blue Nuit since you have the Alma In BN. I think both are great! GL!!!!
  3. Thanks for your input!!

    I was thinking the blue also, but then I was thinking maybe it would be too much blue?
  4. I would go for pomme! I have an amarante agenda and I love it, but since pomme is being discontinued I would go for that! No need to stick with bleu nuit although it's gorgeous. You're gonna use it in other bags too. I have amarante (agenda), bleu nuit (cles), orange sunset (ZCP) and pomme (4 keyholder) all in one bag and I love all the colors!
  5. all those colors must be so nice to see when you open your bag!!! lovely!

    Does your agenda get beat up a lot? I was also worried about that. I am always taking my current agenda in and out of my bag.
  6. Vernis is pretty strong, the only issue with my amarante are the fingerprints.
  7. Have you considered Damier Azur? I think that would look great with your Bleu Nuit Alma.
  8. Amarante!
  9. I also considered this and then thought about color transfer?
  10. Amarante!
  11. Thanks sophiae!
  12. I voted amarante but would also suggest pomme or bleu nuit. Vernis is the best!!
  13. Good idea. Azur would be great.
  14. I voted Amarante, but will also suggest Pomme.
  15. I voted other - Vernis Pomme!