which agenda?

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  1. keep the indigo vernis?

  2. go with manderin epi! HOT

  3. forget both and go with mrytile..goes well with both red and purple

  4. forget that all and still with black epi, you'll be glad you did!

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  1. I think with how this month has been, I deserve to keep something to make myself feel better, and whats better and more functional then the agenda?

    What would go better with purple? (amarante)? Shall I keep my indigo, or go for manderin before thats completely gone as well?
  2. Personally keep the indigo, but then again i just love the colour.
  3. I chose the Indigo. Its my favorite
  4. i chose indigo! but i accidentally clicked on mandarin..LOL.

    I like vernis accessories.
  5. I would definitely keep the Indigo! Just a dark lovely color - I think it would compliment the Amarente well.
  6. Indigo
  7. I would definitely stick with the Indigo --- such a gorgeous color! Mandarin is pretty too; so if you have funds and can get that too, then go for it!
  8. another vote for indigo!!! it's such a beautiful color!!!
  9. Girl, stay with the indigo. It's gorgeous and everyone wants it!
  10. Keep the Indigo... don't let that rare baby go!
  11. I would keep the indigo, it's a nice rich colour and you might regret letting it go later on.
  12. i think you'll kick yourself if you let that indigo go!
  13. keep the indigo! it's very pretty
  14. I onlt voted for Mandarin because I think it is such a pretty color and I would like to add something orange into my own bag (I like the Indigo too though).
  15. i'd keep the indigo....