which agenda would you pick?


Which agenda???

  1. Suhali in black

  2. Black MC

  3. Damier

  4. White Vernis

  5. Black Epi

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I like to somewhat match my accessories to my bags. I have a black Epi Speedy and a Damier Speedy. Which agenda would you recommend?

    I would want something durable, practical, and VERY cute!

    Suhali in black?
    Black MC?
    White (not sure of the real name of the color) Vernis?
    Black Epi?

    I went into the store today and couldn't make up my mind! I love them all!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. Damier Koala Agenda is adorable, although I love the monogram one with the pink lining too!
  3. if it's for everyday use then probably Damier or Epi :yes:
  4. I voted for: Suhali in black but if you don't go for that one, my 2nd choice would be the Epi, or Damier
  5. I love the look of epi but I don't think it will hold as well as the damier (around the edges and such) so for durability, go for the damier!! I like the suhali too, but somehow I love the white much more than black.
  6. you said it! :nuts:
  7. Suhali in Black, but don't restrict yourself to that color, they have other great selections.
  8. i'm getting the small damier agenda next week to match my damier speedy 25. so my choice would be the damier :P
  9. I voted Epi!
  10. i voted for suhali in black.
  11. Everyday Use: Epi Black
    Attention grabbing: Suhali Black
  12. Vernis! :biggrin:
  13. I have a black MC agenda and i love it. So bright and fun.

    I would say go with that....or a Damier
  14. I love the look of black MC accessories, but I didn't vote as the other options you posted were all so beautiful, so I couldn't make up my mind. Good luck deciding though :flowers:
  15. Groom agenda :love: