Which agenda to choose?

  1. I plan on picking up an agenda within the next few weeks. Which material would be the most durable; damier azur, vernis, or epi?
  2. I like the azur out of all of those
  3. I like the azur, too!
  4. I think all of them will be quite durable so pick the one you aesthetically like the most!
  5. i reallyyyy like the azul
    but i also think the vernis is gorgeous as well
  6. I vote for vernis - it is so eyecatching and will make your purse pop when you pull it out.
  7. The azur agenda is my fav, by far i think its the best... its going to be durable :smile:
  8. I like to keep my wallets understated, but for agendas, I'd go for something fun! I would say monogram and Damier are the most durable, but my Vernis agenda that I thought would take a beating is actually scratch-free and durable as well! I'd definitely choose Vernis!
  9. I personally love the Damier, so I'm slightly biased...but definitely get the one you love!
  10. I think they are all fairly durable so go with what you love best!
  11. I would go for the beautiful Vernis! :tup:
  12. I vote Vernis!!

    i've the same "problem"...i like Vernis but i was thinking that vernis was very delicate..
    Reading that is durable like monogram make me happy!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. I prefer damier.
  14. I vote for a vernis, IMO no matter what you choose at the end there all durable.:tup:
  15. :yes::yes:I have the vernis agenda in framboise and I love it..:tup: