Which agenda should I get??

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Which agenda should I get ???

  1. Groom agenda with red stripe

  2. Vernis Framboise agenda

  3. Vernis new red, candy apple red

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  1. I want to have one small agenda, I love all these 3 agendas but I only can have one :shame: . I plan to use it as agenda/wallet. They are pretty much the same price range..

    Groom agenda red stripe : LE , cute bell boy, boring mono print but gorgeous red lining

    Vernis Framboise: Love the color, discontinued but still available in some stores.


    New red candy apple vernis (out in Feb): love red in general, new vernis in red sound yummy. I always want red agenda
  2. I love the groom! Are you planning on getting anything else from the groom collection?? If not I would definatly get the groom, if you are you could always wait and see what the new Vernis color looks like.
  3. My vote goes to Framboise agenda :love:....I'm not too fond of the bell boy.

  4. I plan on getting monnaie rond, bandeau and groom agenda but got all confuse after hearing about new vernis in red...decision decision! :rolleyes:
  5. i say the vernis framboise but this new color sounds also great :yahoo:
  6. the groom! :love:
  7. I know!! I already want so many LVs and then they go and bring out something new and that just makes matters worse!! Febuary is a long way away though...
    (That's when the new color is supposed to come out right?)
  8. Tell me about it..
  9. Bagsnbags--all great choices!! However, I know that the boutique by me is out of the vernis frambroise agenda and are not getting more in since they said it was a limited edition color???

    I order the last one from elux:sad:

    Maybe 1800Vuttoin could locate one for you. If they can, then it gets my vote!! I love mine:smile:
  10. the Groom agenda is so cute, and it'll probably be easier to take care of than the Vernis :yes:
  11. I don't know anything about a "new" red, candy apple vernis that was out February.... Please expound. The last thing I heard about red vernis was that it was being discontinued. Hmmmm. I don't see how the red vernis could get any more beautiful but I'd love to put my eyes on it.

    I say go with the red vernis Agenda since you say you've always wanted red. Nothing satisfies like getting something that you've always wanted. Go for it and please post pics of this "new" red color. By the way is this "new" red on elux?
  12. I'd suggest the agenda from the groom collection. The guy is so cute and fun and the red lining is TDF!
  13. dear i just came to say: "what a tough one!!"
    i can hardly choose!!
    but here is my try..
    if u are planing to use it as a wallet as well.. then groom would be fun and ok..:smile: while vernis would be s:huh::huh:o increadable and elegent and well as fun! cause the colors u choose are still happy!! :love:
    while.. again.. anything mono is less terrifying than vernis.. but many including me were brave enough to go with vernis! :supacool:
    mmm what else.. ya.. if u choose vernis.. mmmmm i cant predict how the new color looks..it sound delicous though! but can u wait that long for it!! i say if u really want one now.. go for vernis framboise! then when apple comes out and say u didnt like it.. u wont regret buying the framboise when it becomes history then!! :upsidedown:
  14. Wow this is a hard choice...

    Framboise is a gorgeous color but if you've always wanted a red, I would either get the new vernis or groom agenda.

    My vote goes to groom because it's cute and easy to care for! Whichever you get will be :heart: tho!
  15. Get groom! It's gorgeous and it seems like supply might not meet demand.........oops, I mean, it's hideous! Don't get it! lol