Which agenda should I get?

  1. I like them both... though I am gravitating toward the Gucci of course, but it's almost $500! :wtf: The Kate Spade is only $200, and it's even made in Italy too! I'm torn.
    gucci.jpg katespade.jpg
  2. I like the Gucci one more, maybe just b/c it's purple(i love purple.) The Kate Spade one is fun, so I guess it depends on which kind of person you are. The Gucci one seems more sophisticated, and the Kate Spade seems more fun.
  3. I prefer the Gucci.
  4. i love the Guccissima leather :love:! i'm thinking of getting a medium one too, even though i already have an LV Monogram Mat agenda :P
  5. The KS is more trendy and the Gucci is a classic. I have that Gucci agenda in coated canvas, but I like that one better. I was afraid the leather would be harder to care for. It's gorgeous! Go for it!!! or both. :graucho:
  6. I agree with imgg. The Gucci is definitely more timeless and classic! It's more "serious" looking and because the metallic Kate Spade is more trendy.. the metallic with that pink peeking out from the inside makes it more fun! I guess it depends on what kind of mood you're going for?

    In the long run, I think the Gucci will last longer. The colour and the Guccissima will never go out of style or look dated. So Gucci is my vote too!!!
  7. You guys are right, I didn't even think about the trendiness of metallic leather. And the chocolate guccissima is totally to die for :love: :love: and won't EVER go out of style. SORRY, VISA CARD! :yahoo:
  8. Personally I like the KS agenda because i'm in a really good mood.Plus that silver metallic color would catch my eye if I was searching for it in my bag.
  9. I do like the Kate Spade gold one... but I am thinking I will get the Gucci one and if the KS one goes on markdown (it probably will), maybe I can snatch it up then for $115 or something. :smile: Then I can change them to suit my mood, la la la!
  10. I am a sucker for metallic - trend or not. I love the KS. But I agree on not paying full price for it.
  11. Gucci all the way!
  12. does the gucci come in black?

    i definately prefer the gucci
  13. Yes, the Gucci comes in black, white, pink, gold, and chocolate.
  14. I say do the Gucci and if the Kate Spade goes on sale buy it also.
  15. Gucci, the metallic in kate spade is tooo... hmmm... well, just not like it! :P