Which agenda should I get for my DH??


Which small ring agenda should I get?

  1. Taiga Leather

  2. Epi Leather

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm going to my local boutique with my girlfriend tomorrow to pick up a LVOE bandeau :love: that my SA put aside for me, but I would like to get a surprise present for my DH :girlsigh:. He doesn't own any LVs at all, and always think I spent too much on LVs. He is a very good husband and has been working very hard lately with real estate and often come home early to help out with our 2-month-old baby. I want to reward him with an LV agenda.

    Everytime when his clients call him, he would grab the nearest mails and write on the back. Sometimes he even writes on the back of our daughter's homework :sweatdrop: LOL!!! So I think getting him an agenda is a good idea. A small size is great for him because he doesn't like to carry a large book around.

    Here are the two small ring agendas I have in mind:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Taiga Leather OR Epi Leather

    :rolleyes: Please help me choose and feel free to add any feedbacks..... Thanks everyone!!
  2. I think Taiga would suit him best!
  3. I agree with John....Between those two I like the Taiga
  4. I voted for Taiga but what about a pocket agenda? It seems more convenient for a man to carry around. :shrugs:
  5. Another vote for the TAIGA .... :tup:
  6. Taiga for me too.. Haa..
  7. :yes: Taiga. there's just something about that masculine texture...so scrumptious!
  8. i voted for the taiga... its more manly.
  9. I like Taiga - But I know a lot of men don't like carrying a "proper" agenda as such. A pocket agenda might seem more masculine. But that's just my opinion.
  10. I like the EPI.
  11. Ahh, good idea! and it is cheaper too... hehehe... j/k. I didn't see it in eLux, and it seems to be sold out on LV website. :s i hope they have it at the boutique.
  12. Taiga leather would be good for a guy. :yes:
  13. Taiga! So classy!
  14. Another vote for Taiga :smile:
  15. Oh, I also found 5 of 6 men I know not too keen Epi.