which agenda do you suggest?

  1. Mono, damier azur, epi....?
    is the PM too small? i don't need one for work, but only to plan my appointments etc..
  2. I have the pm in mono that goes for 260. and I like it. The size is great if you need to carry it or if you just don't want your bag to get to heavy.
  3. Oh thanks!
    did you get the full 2007 recharge? i'm thinking about getting only the notes and the address book
  4. how bout the Groom?
  5. You have to get the small ring agenda in vernis! SOOO pretty! xx
  6. I think for your needs the PM would be perfect. I have the Vernis Framboise PM and I love it!
  7. I have an epi agenda PM and it works fine for me. It's perfect as an appointment book, it can hold a few credit cards and some bills. I think it's a perfect size, it can slip into anything from a pochette to, naturally, anything bigger.
  8. Groom, or vernis :smile:
    PM is perfect if you dont have too much writing. For your average person the pm works well.
  9. Multicolor!!!

    I got the mono koala earlier this year, but now I think the MC is so much prettier.
  10. I just got a black MC one off of LetTrade and I love it. I didn't get the Louis refills, I got the filofax ones instead and I am totally regretting it. I will have to do with these though for right now. I will upgrade to the LV refills for next year.

    I think any of them are beautiful and no matter which one you get, you won't regret it.
  11. depends on your bag. wife has a style to match each patterned bag. If you want one for all styles, I'd go with an Epi or Suhali. The small ring is a good size.
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. I have the Framboise PM and I LOVE it!!!! Hubby also picked up the LV inserts and they look pretty. I found a cute pink Hello Kitty pen that fits perfectly in it and got a bunch of pouches from filo fax (pocket sized). The pink in my bag makes me really happy and everyone loves it!!
  14. IMHO: The Medium Ring Agenda is the perfect size. I find the Small Ring Agenda a bit too small. I would suggest Damier or Monogram Mulicolore!
  15. I have the Vernis one in Pomme and love it!!