Which Agenda do you like the most?

  1. Well, here I am thinking about buying an agenda so I thought I'd ask you guys which you prefer and why:

    Vision II, Globetrotter or Agenda de Poche?

  2. Hi shopmom...I'd like to know too. You are so funny and sweet!!
  3. I have a question about the agendas too. Can any of them be used as a checkbook holder?
  4. The Vision can totally hold a checkbook and has a nice, slim profile. This is my favorite agenda, although some people find the zip-around Globetrotter very handy for storing everything in.
  5. I have no experience with H agendas,yet... I'm faithful to my Filofax, for now... :angel: I think I'll check out the agenda's next time I go to Hermès..!!:roflmfao:
  6. Thanks, Greentea. Do you have any idea on the approximate price of a Vision?
  7. OK I've decided to go into San Francisco Hermes today and check out the agenda's and Plisse scarves....I'll post more info re: pricing, etc. when I get back....

    I think I should change my name from ShopMom to HoplesslyAddicted....:blink:
  8. We could all change our name, HopelesslyAddicted l, HA2, HA3, etc...!! I'm there with you lol! Can anyone post pics?
  9. Have fun shopping! Yeah, we're all addicted.
  10. Wish I could come along.
  11. There's an agenda that I am hunting for called the Azap. It's similar to the largest Globetrotter. I once had one but sold it and now I'm regretting it. I also like the small GM Zip.
  12. I have a small GM agenda that I love for everyday. I am thinking about getting the zip around Globetrotter to use as a travel wallet. Does anybody know if you can get plain paper inserts for that agenda? I like to have a notebook when I travel to write down what I spend and important addresses.
  13. I have the globetrotter zip and love it! You can definitely get the plain paper notebook for it. I have the calendar, notebook and address book in mine.
  14. Have fun today! Oh, I wish I could just go to H and it wasn't a 4 hour drive. :lol: Actually it's probably good that I can't. :shame: Can't wait to hear about the agendas! :biggrin:
  15. I love the Globetrotter! I saw some in the Vienna airport shop, and fell in love with a grainy violet one :love: I love the fact that it zips around.
    If I remember well, the medium size was 569 euros.
    For my fabric Globetrotter that I bought at the auction, I bought some plain paper (16 euros). Agenda paper was 54 euros (in Paris).