which agenda do you like:: damier canvas or azur damier?

  1. I prefer the vernis, mono or Mc. But that's just me. Between these 2, I choose the azur.
  2. I love the damier canvas
  3. i have the azur one, and i love it. (i also have framboise vernis, which i love love love). the azur is a pretty neutral agenda, goes with a lot, and is girlier (imho).
  4. damier canvas:tup:
  5. I like the Damier Koala agenda with the red interior. You can still find it at some of the stores and it's absolutely gorgeous!
  6. :yes::yes:i agree
  7. does the damier koala agenda always come w/ the red interior?? or does it also come w/ the regualr brown interior
  8. The Koala agenda came with red, but only the koala with the big clasp. The regular damier agenda just has the brown interior.

    If you go in the agenda club thread, there are lots of pictures of the Damier Koala agenda with the red interior. It really is pretty. I am picking mine up on Friday - they found one for me in Florida and had it shipped to my store.
  9. Well, they are a checkerboard pattern....? So if you find checkerboard yucky, why buy anything Damier at all?
  10. There is nothing wrong with checkerboard:tup:.....I love Damier...I would go with Azur
  11. my favorite is really the mono groom. but if i had to go damier, id go ebene. i think it would show less wear. and you would worry about it less.
  12. I recently picked up a medium Damier agenda and I love it! The mediums only come in Damier, Azur, Mono and Epi..so I really didn't have many choices since I didn't want a small. But, after carrying around my Damier one for the past couple weeks now..I find it really pretty! The browns match the gold trim on the pages...and to me, Damier makes me think of my fave food, Chocolate (of course!) :love:
  13. I would go with Damier. There's nothing wrong with checkboard.
  14. azur