Which Agenda?? Cerises OR Framboise Vernis??

  1. Anyone know how much does a cerises agenda cost in retail back in 2005?? I really like the color of the Framboise vernis agenda, but I have that it's hard to take care of the leather. I have also heard that the Cerises get scratch very easily too. I am confused! What do you guys think? Which one should I get??? I love the red interior of the Cerises agenda, but scared that the cerises will get scratch off. :crybaby: With the framboise vernis agenda, I am worry that the shiny leather will get scratches on it too. I am planning to use this agenda for a long time; which one should I get??
  2. The vernis leather will scratch easier than the cerises. the cerises agenda was about $450-$495 last year. The cerises agenda will always be "worth" more than the vernis, but it's whatever you like best.
  3. I think there used to be a similar thread. Anyway, as what you've mentioned, both has its pros and cons. Cerises is a discontinued item, so it is more sought-after. You have to be careful of the cerises rub-offs. Framboise is gorgeous, and this color will not be permanent too, as all other vernis colors. You have to be carefull of color transfer and scratches, though many PFers who own vernis items claim that it is not as delicate and hard to take care as most people think.

    I love both..! :P But get the one that YOU love, since you will be using it for a long time. Anyway, whichever choice you end up with, you won't regret it as both agendas are so lovely.
  4. Hi, Allison: Does that price include the cherry refill too?? That's pretty expensive compare to the groom line then! :wtf: Do u think this is authentic >>> eBay.ca: 100% Original Louis Vuitton Cerises Agenda NEU !!!! (item 160036425878 end time 05-Oct-06 20:21:47 EDT)

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Congrats if you bought it. I just got the framboise agenda from my hubby but both are cute.
  6. The vernis really isn't as hard to take care of as you might think. Especially in the darker colors, which include framboise, they're pretty much carefree, as long as you keep pens and printed items away from them, but that kind of goes without saying. I think a lot of people actually already DO keep those kinds of things away from ANY pieces no matter what line they're from, but get afraid when they hear that it's actually recommended. I have quite a few vernis pieces in a few different colors and have never had trouble with any of them.
  7. Hi disney4us, Yes, I just bought this! It's approx $380 US. Not sure if it's a good deal though as I am not sure how much the cerises agenda usually go for though. I just hope it's authentic. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: I hope you like your framboise agenda too :yes: It's such a lovely color!
  8. I have a vernis in the discontinued blue color and love love love it! I actually kept it in it's dustbag for a while in my purse to protect it and then thought that it looked stupid, so it stayed in my bag without it and it hasn't been a problem. The guy who sold it to me at the LV in NYC said just to be careful when putting it next to newspapers or printed documents in your purse because in the heat it can stick onto it. Frankly, I haven't had a problem and love it.
  9. I would go with the cerises just because vernis and agenda do not mix for me. Remeber that you will be dealing with pens and paper and the vernis is suceptible to ink transfer.
  10. That's a good point! Thanks everyone!
  11. i like the vernis but i had a very sad accident with it :sad:

    so i say go for the cherry one :flowers:
  12. I have a pearl vernis small ring agenda and i love it:love: // i saw the cherries one in real life and hated it sorry!!:s mono and damier looked much nices! :shame:
    so my vote is vernis
  13. she sells authentic lv, so don't be worry. the refills are not included. i was on the same dilemma, and i also started the same thread. but i decided to get the vernis framboise :yes: so congrats to your new agenda, enjoy it :love:
  14. Cerises, get a cles in frambois instead so you won't have to worry so much about color transfer!