Which adios stellina should I keep?


Which adios stellina should I keep?

  1. Bag 1 - with bunch of characters on back

  2. Bag 2 - with chili pepper on back

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  1. I'm leaning toward the one that has more characters on the back. Tell me what you vote for?

    Bag 1-all characters on back
    Bag 2- chili pepper on back

    The sides and bottom are identical on both!
    adios stellina 001 (Medium) (2).jpg adios stellina 002 (Medium) (2).jpg toki macys 001 (Small) (4).jpg toki macys 003 (Small) (8).jpg
  2. My son likes bag 2 best.....and dh likes bag 1 best! I like back on bag 1 and the front on bag 2 ! ! ! I wish I could do toki surgery!
  3. I definitely voted bag one. I like it better because there's more characters and idk...I just like that one better.
  4. i love bag#1 :biggrin: ..just take the flap on bag#2 out and sew it on bag#1 :lol: hahah ....
  5. I feel the same way as you. I like the back of bag 1 and front of bag 2. Overall I pick bag 1.
  6. Believe it or not....I took a good look at it and was wishing they weren't sewn so well ! ! ! !:shame: :lol:
  7. I also like bag one because it has alot more characters on it.
  8. sorry but i adore the japanese baby so i voted for #1
  9. i like bag one because the stars line up better on the pockets. i go back and forth on the characters. part of me likes mosltly adios and then maybe a couple characters, and then the other part kicks in and loves all the characters. i'm really no help!!! i'm having the same problem with my adios giocco and should post pictures too.

    oh, and you have the best of both. the front has alot of black and white and then the couple characters really pop and stand out, and then the back you have a ton of characters. i've talked myself into really liking bag 1!!!!
  10. I guess this was a no brainer for me definitely #1. You have a lot of characters on that one.
  11. I like the 1st one better too
  12. TWO White Star girls... Bag 2!!!!
  13. I like bag # 1 better , but I wished it has the left flap of # 2 with rainbow !
  14. rainbow flap is suuuuuppppeeerrr cute! But I vote bag 1!!
  15. I'm all about the front of the bag so I chose bag 2... I like the rainbow and Nana Star way better than Momobella and the sumo baby.