Which accessory to get w/ my Miroir Lockit

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Which accessory?!

  1. Denim Cles

  2. MC Fleurs

  3. Round Stamped Coin Purse (cream color)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So........I VISITED my Miroir Lockit in Gold today...it's beautiful and I've named it already. I get him at 11:30 am tomorrow. BUT I am getting a friend to go w/ him or prehaps just for an additional purchase I think. I have 3 choices, help me please my sweeties!

    Should I get the:
    - Blue Denim Cles
    - MC Fleurs (one with the golden LV plaque and mc charms)
    - Round Stamped Logo Coin Purse (that one with the hammered gold with looks like a big casino chip)

    My SA has all 3 held for me, and I need to choose tomorrow. Some other thoughts just to lay down. The denim will go awesome with a lot of my bags...the MC fleurs looked great on the Lockit and will on some others....the Round Stamped one looked amazing on the Lockit, and it's in the cream/off-white color and hard to get and can go inside many bags obviously.

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Rond it'll look good and it's functional
  3. I vote for the MC Fleurs! I love it more and more after seeing people's pictures. I am sure it will look so good w/ the gold miroir lockit.

    btw, is it still possible to find the MC Fleurs keychain now? I heard that it's a LE? I think I wanna get one but not sure if there's still any outthere. :sad:
  4. All of the choices are gorgeous --- so this is tough. Only one, right? The MC Fleurs looks adorable and the stamped coin purse is classy-looking. I would go with the Stamped Logo Coin Purse --- more in keeping with the bling of the gold Lockit.

    If I could get two out of the three, I would get the MC Fleurs AND the Stamped Logo Coin Purse.

    Good luck!!
  5. I vote MC Fleurs too But have you ever thought about the Miroir keyring if its still available :flowers:

    (I puts some pics of the Miroir keyring in the attachments (pics are from eBay)
    YNY7T5J94F8A.jpg M4Y2JKNT67MY.jpg
  6. i voted for the fleurs. that will look really nice on the outside of your miroir. and the rond in cream perfect to carry inside of the bag.
    tried to vote for both :p
  7. i think the mc fleurs will be super versatile to go with the other bags in your collection! i agree with the others that the rond is great too and if you can get it, then do both! if not, my first pick is the mc fleurs.
  8. What kind of material is the miroir made of? Would putting a demin cles cause colour transfer onto it? Do take note of this, I would hate to have anything happen to your beautiful bag!
  9. MC Fleurs! It's sooooo cute and goes with everything! Oh and the little gold plaque will match the bag!
    fleurs keychain.jpg
  10. mc fleurs will look stunning. go for that one.
  11. I voted for the ronde vernis. The cream colour will tone nicely with the gold while the shiny gold clasp will match the miroir gold.
    Congrats on your lockit - you are soooo lucky to have one put away already.:yahoo:
  12. Fleurs!!!!!!
    Can you still get those BTW????????
  13. I think the round one would look great with the Miroir.
  14. I like the pomme speedy keychain..
    Either that one or

    Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain
  15. I want the ronde vernis ;)
    I like the fleurs or the ronde !