Which Accessoriesto get?

  1. I currently have a white MC frech purse, coin/card holder, mirror and pochette and I'm thinking about getting accessories to match my mono purses and black MC bag. Do you think matching looks silly? Here's the only to mono bags are the macha and the manhatten GM so I was thinking of maybe just getting the accessories in black MC (b/c I really love the multicolor) and not the mono. What do you all think I should do? TIA
  2. Sorry that totally does not sound right--Do you think that the black or white MC accessories will look bad with the brown monogram? I know that the white MC looks good with all the le fab colors but what about the black MC? Thanks and sorry for the confusing post!
  3. I actually like the idea of a solid color accessory like epi, verni, or suhali, I think they kinda go with everything....I try to not do a matchy thing, but I'm not super crazy about mixing mono and MC (though I do do it)....I do love to use my black MC stuff in my "other" bags like Marc Jacob and Balenciaga though.....
  4. I think you should get a suhali wallet! It will go with ALL:nuts: of your Le Fabs and because it's a solid color, it will go with mono bags as well!:idea:
  5. yes, get a Suhali wallet :yes:! i love the Porte-Tresor International wallet in the Suhali leather:tender:
  6. I love to be matchy matchy with all of my accessories and make sure that they go with my handbag...you can tell just by looking at my showcase thread...so don't see anything silly with getting the same accessories...I would probably get the mono wallet instead of the black mc. but if I had to chose mc I would choose the white mc, I find the look more refreshing
  7. I also like to match my accessories to my bags. I agree with LVAddict and Yeuxhonnetes thought that a Suhali accessory would look great with your Suhali collection :love:
  8. I love the MC together with the brown mono. I used to want everything to match but now I purposly get my mc accessories that are different from my mono bags.
  9. I personally don't like mixing monograms nor do I like matching them to much, I always feel overmonogrammed when I do. I love the look of epi and suhali with the mono's though.
  10. I like the idea of multicolol accessories with monogram bags! I think it will add a splash of color!
  11. I like the idea of a solid accessory to go with the mono bags. Perhaps red epi or mandarin. I think both of those go well with the damier as well. Or perhaps the vernis?

    I'd go with a suhali accessory to go with your mc bags :smile: this way you can use it with both the black and white.
  12. Generally, most of my accessories, of which I have many, many are monogram. To me, they go with everything. I also have a few black MC accessories and some red vernis accessories but the majority are monogram which go with everything. Get what you like and what moves you.
  13. I'm a matcher. LOL. I couldn't do the MC with the Mono but that is just me. I could do the Damier with the Mono though. Of course I haven't really ventured into the other lines *yet.*
  14. i personally dont mix and match any of my LV stuff - LOL i dont have much LV stuff TO mix and match :roflmfao:
    IMO, i think you should go with something that you LOVE :love:
  15. Lol I mix and match all the time. I've said it before, but on any given day, my accessories will be from a lot of different lines; Monogram, Cerises, Vernis, Damier and Multicolore. I actually really don't like to match all that much...it makes me feel like I tried WAY too hard.