Which accessories pouchette should I get: Mono or red Epi?

  1. I have the black epi right now and use that as my every day bag (inside of a larger laptop bag). I love it to pieces but I'm worried about the abuse its taking. It looks amazing considering the daily abuse over two years but I'd like to take it easy or it or have a backup.

    So: Mono or red Epi????

    I've been wanting the red epi for a while but I think the Mono would be more durable. But its EVERYWHERE (or a knockoff is anyway) around here. I like that its a tad bigger but I've been use the thinner epi for a while now and I'm fine with it.

  2. If you think that the epi may not be as comparatively durable, how about the Damier Navona? The Navona looks like a pochette and is similar in size to the mono pochette.
  3. I would say that between mono and red epi, I'd go mono. However, eyelove made a good point with the Navona. It's super durable and you don't see them as much as mono pochettes.
  4. I vote for the red Epi! I just LOVE Epi pochettes!
  5. I vote for MONO POCHETTE! A Vuitton classic you won't want to do without!
  6. red epi is simply gorgeous!
  7. Mono Pochette - Get a diff pochette!
  8. I have the mono and just got the mocha epi. LOVE IT!

    I vote for Red Epi!
  9. I vote the monogram pochette.
  10. I vote mono too, every collection's got to have a mono pochette.
  11. Another vote for mono!!!
  12. My vote goes for the Mono. The Mono is expandable and fits more and is more comfortable under the arm.
  13. I vote for Epi (I'm partial to blue, though) It's something different, but still goes well with other LV pieces :smile:
  14. my vote goes to red epi!
  15. Re epi!!