Which 40+ Model Looks The Best?


Which Supermodel Is Aging The Best?

  1. Cindy Crawford

  2. Brooke Shields

  3. Christie Brinkley

  4. Undecided or Specify

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Last weekend at Hampton Social @ Ross concert series we saw Christie Brinkley and Brooke Shields on the scene looking smiley. And back in June, we saw Cindy Crawford at the opening of the Sydney Omega Boutique.

    I guess this is a little unfair, considering that Christie Brinkley is over 50, and I'll admit this is a bit of a shallow poll—but still, out of these three model moms, who do you think is aging the most gracefully?


  2. I voted for Cindy Crawford :yes:
  3. cindy
  4. I've seen Cindy in person and she is beautiful. She is also very nice.
  5. They all look great - however they have all had work done.

    But hey good for them! Even supermodels need help when it comes to aging.
  6. I can't choose one, because I think they're all gorgeous.

    (And I want to add Iman to that list.)
  7. Cindy, she's gorgeous!
  8. Christie Brinkley looks great, but that tan just screams "melanoma," IMO, so I'll have to go with the absolutely gorgeous Cindy Crawford. I idolised her when I was a kid.
  9. Iman looks amazing.
  10. Do you know for a fact that they've had work done?
  11. Maybe it's b/c I'm blonde too and wish I looked like Christy Brinkley at my age (51), I voted for her.:tup:
  12. Christy looks AMAZING considering that she's over 50. She looks better than some 30 yr olds.

    Cindy is gorgeous too but my vote is for Christy.

    I still think Linda Evangelista is stunning. Is she over 40?
  13. Ooh, I voted before I saw the suggestion for Iman. She is gorgeous and supremely classy and I'd change my vote from Cindy Crawford to her in a heartbeat!
  15. Cindy !!!