Which 1 is better?

  1. Damier Azur

    Speedy 25


    Saleya PM
  2. Speedy!
  3. It depends. If you like hand-held bags, the speedy 25 is good. If you want a shoulder bag, then the Saleya. But I like the speedy better.
    Also, it's damier azur.;)
  4. Well you are comparing totally different type of bags..one handheld and the other one shoulder..
    I love both..

    I love to get speedy first just because I love to add azur in to my speedy family..
  5. Go Saleya!
  6. They are all unique in terms of how they are carried/used.

    The one YOU like the best is probably the answer. LOL :yes:
  7. YEAHH about Azur

    im taking Spanish Classes

    and its blue

    like how you say in spanish

  8. i know i just cant decide...i think ill get both.
  9. How about a speedy? they are gorgeous bags and versatile!
  10. thanks 4 the opinions =]
  11. how much is saleya pm?


    I wish the Speedy 25 came like The Stephen (with the Shoulder Strap)
  12. I would get the speedy.

  13. Now that sounds like a cool plan! :yahoo:
  14. thankss...

    how much is the koala wallet in azur too

  15. haha ill jus be broke for a few months..hmm