Which 07 leather is better - Noir, sapin, Truffle or Cafe?

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  1. Appreciate your advices on which 07 leather is better and the reasons why.

    1) Noir
    2) Sapin
    3) Truffle
    4) Cafe

  2. The Noir and Cafe leathers from 2007 and thick and less veiny than the 07 Truffle. The 07 Truffle has more marbling than the 06 Truffle, but the veins aren't deep. Sapin is from 06 and is thinner than the overall 07 leathers. Most Sapins I have seen have great marbling and shallow veins. However, the 07 leathers, in my opinion, are one of the best years ever produced if you like the glazed Balenciaga leather look.

    If you like un-glazed, naked or un-sealed Balenciaga leather look at the 04 - 05 range.
  3. I actually owned a Sapin Work at one point. It was part of the FW 06 collection, although I've noticed that there's a better consistency with Sapin's leather on being thick (well, thicker compared to the 2006 leather) and no veining...and little to no color variations from bag to bag.

    The Black SS 07 can actually pass off as 2005 bags. The leather is thick and smooshy.

    I actually prefer the FW 06 Truffle to the SS 07 Truffle. I'm really liking the veiny look of the leather in this particular color. And Truffle is one of my fave neutrals.
  4. Thanks KDK n ICB for your advices.

    Is the 07 Truffle thick n smooshy or similar to 06 Lilac and Emerald Green? I read that the leathers for the latter are veiny n thin.
  5. Generally speaking, yes to both.
  6. Thks again. U mean 07 Truffle is thick, smooshy n veiny too? Thin???
  7. I owned a Sapin Day and still own a Sapin City. Both have the smoothest, smooshiest leather.
  8. I had a o7 Truffe and hated it. It looked OK, but felt like plastic. It was very dry, thin & just over "blah" looking. One of the SA's @ BalNY explained to me that the leather appeared "different" on the Truffe o7 bags.. but she may have also just picked out a "bad" one for me as I'm sure there are some out there that are smooshy and lovely.
  9. I have to say that my sapin has some of the best and smooshiest leather- even better than my 2005 bags!!!
  10. Thanks redney, verty n rolexgirl. I will avoid the Truffle n focus on the other 3 colours. :smile: I am also looking at eBay too.