whice one do u think is the nicest??? PLs help

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whice one do u think is the nicest???



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  1. :sweatdrop:
    born8795-img600x450-1165998232dsc00341.jpg brand_center-img448x254-1168766708kinoko1.jpg
  2. The first one!
  3. I like the black one better... it has Damier Sauvage and Vernis on it... :nuts:
  4. the first one
  5. Yeah definitely the first one. If and when I get a Conte de Fees bag, that will be the one I get.
  6. the first one!!!
  7. ^^black conte de fees is prettier.
  8. I like the black too it's like a little dream scene
  9. Another vote for black. I think it works better as a background.
  10. The black one you dont have to worry about getting dirty too!
  11. the black one.
  12. black here
  13. Black!!!
  14. I like the black one better..that's the kind of pochette I need.
  15. Both are nice, but the 1st one is really nice! :p