Whicch bag would you choose: LV or Chanel?

  1. Well, my mom is going to buy me a birthday gift of any bag I want and I'm down to LV Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical, LV Tulum GM, or a large chanel shoulder bag (caviar) black with the chanel gold chain and the cc's on it front very big. I can't find any pics of this bag to show you. Which one would you choose (the chanel is twice as much as the LV BH or LV BV but she said it doesn't matter)?
  2. Go Chanel !

    Even though I'm a complete LV freak, I really love the Chanel bags.. especially the gorgeous caviar leather !
  3. I think it depends on how you are going to use it, I think the LV is a great every day bag and the Chanel is a little more formal. Great mom you've got :smile: .
  4. Go for the Chanel. LV is nice, but if I had to make a choice, it would be Chanel.
  5. Ditto, wow, what a great dilemma to have! :girlsigh: . I'd go with the LV.
  6. Chanel, definitely!
  7. I'd go with Chanel.
  8. I'd have to say Chanel as well!
  9. Chanel's Caviar Tote?
    If price is not an issue, I would recommend Chanel's Classic Flap.
  10. Chanel all the way....Love LV but Chanel is just that little bit more special IMO.
  11. Chanelllll
  12. Get the chanel. The LV can be later.
  13. chanel!!!
  14. Chanel! Especially if someone else is getting it for you.
  15. Another vote for Chanel here!