Whic RM Matinee??

  1. I'm looking for another brown-ish bag. Which one is better? I've never seen these colors in person so I'm not really sure. Does the espresso have a red-ish tint and is the chocolate more matte since it's not glazed?

    Thank you!
    chocolate.jpg glazed espresso.jpg
  2. Glazed espresso - it does have a burgundy hint as an undertone, but is a darker, richer color than shown in that picture. I have a MAM in that color and it's incredibly versatile and even looks good paired with black.

    The chocolate color is very flat and "un-special" to me.
  3. The glazed espresso is a gorgeous color. I have the chocolate, which is very matte. The leather is very silky to the touch. I bought the chocolate because I preferred the silver hardwear and because I scored it on sale for $234!! I think the finish on the 2 bags gives very different looks.
  4. I have to add that I just got the bag, but broke my foot two days ago, so have been sofa-bound since then. I want to try out my new bag! (My new sale Cole Haan/Nike Air sandals played a starring role in my injury. Maybe that is a message to me to stay away from all the great sales for a while!)
  5. I have the glazed espresso and love it. The leather is a little stiff, but gets better with use. I receive tons of compliments on it every time I use it!
  6. Brenn, I am in SW FL, too. Can you tell me which store you bought it at? I've been looking all over for one at a good price. Thank you! ;)
  7. I actually bought it from Revolve at their after-Christmas sale. It wa 50% off and then someone had posted a code for another 25% off that - and it came with free shipping. I have never seen one around here. I am tempted to go to the Nordstrom Rack on the other coast because I have heard of them occasionally popping up there, but that is a long-shot. I wish there were more interesting stores around here - most bags I have bought have been without ever seeing one IRL, but as long as I can return things, it's not a bad way to go.
  8. Espresso, hands down. It's such a richer color and complements other browns.
  9. Another vote for the Glazed Espresso : )
  10. Glazed Espresso again! LOVE mine. It's gorgeous.
  11. i saw that on revolve! that was a really good deal.

    ...thanks for the input ladies. i definitely need the glazed espresso now. i played with a matinee at my Nordies today and i want it bad.