whic one is cuter??

  1. I'm looking for a messanger bag. I'm trying to decide between the large Damier Musette or the Tulum GM. I tried both on yesturday, but could not decide on either one. So I'm going back today to get one. Which one do you think is cuter??? BTW...I'm 5-9, so I can pull off either one. Thanks much;)
  2. I prefer the Tulum GM.
  3. damier mussette here!
  4. another vote for Tulum GM.
  5. One vote for Damier Musette
  6. musette.
  7. I like the fact that the tulum GM is adjustable - so kinda two bags in one. But I think I would go for the damier musettte. I saw someone in the mall with a smaller version of it - she was shorter than you are and it looked really good.
  8. I like the musette better!
  9. Tulum
  10. musette
  11. My vote is for the Tulum GM. It's structured, yet the folds/pleats at the bottom of the bag make it look "soft". Plus, it's adjustable so it can go from shoulder bag to messenger bag!
  12. I think the Tulum GM is cuter!
  13. Damier Musette!
  14. I have to vote for the tulum GM, super cute, love the adjustable strap!
  15. I like the Tulum better. I like how it's adjustable, it's easy to get in and out of plus there's another compartment in the front. I have the musette in mono and find the Tulum to be more versatile.