Whew, got outbid

  1. I got a little carried away a few days ago and bid on an Hermes item that I really want at some point but the seller had no pedigree whatsoever and even though the item was really likely to be authentic, I was actually relieved when I was outbid! Now I can focus on finding items that I have absolute confidence in and can truly enjoy!

    Has this kind of thing happened to anyone else? Have outside forces allowed you to take a pass on an Hermes item that you weren't 100% determined to have? Did you find that things turned out for the best?
  2. Absolutely. I reassure myself constantly that there will be other great items available tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And you know what? There always are.

    There are probably only three items I regretted not bidding high enough on, out of hundreds. And I have faith that they'll all turn up again at some point.
  3. Glad to know you're OK with being outbid. I'm sure something else you love will find its way to you.

    Yes, a similar thing happened to me. I was walking into Hermes when my SA spotted me to tell me she was able to locate an item I asked her about the week before. I saw some other SAs opening up boxes of bags out of the corner of my eye, but then my SA told me to follow her upstairs. I did, and when I came down a few minutes later, a young gal had just purchased a 30 cm black clemence Birkin with palladium hardware! My SA felt kinda bad, but I told her not to because I wouldn't have bought it anyway (I already have a black clemence Kelly). It was definitely OK because the next time I went in, I placed a special order for a boxcalf Birkin in blue roi!
  4. ^^^YUP!! got outbidded by a reseller and was totally p$ssed at the time, but was probably a BIG BLESSING IN DISGUISE!!

    Anyways, the item I was looking for came up again and at a BETTER price and EXACTLY what I was looking for. I believe when "it's meant to be, it will be meant to be", or "what goes around, comes around!!"

    BELIEVE YOU WILL FIND YOUR GEM!! Keep positive and focused, and it will COME!
  5. ^^^Thanks! My reaction on this particular situation was more like, THANK GOD! I was being impulsive and that usually makes me feel like crap in the morning...
  6. I am the queen of impulsivity lol!! It has happened and often I was sweating it out just hoping someone else would bid...thankfully they usually did! I'm sure something else will come along...
  7. Yup. Just this past Friday I was bidding on a plaza de toros scarf that I'd been obsessing over since November. It looked authentic, but was from a regular seller at all...2 people started bidding really early and the price got really high (ended up going for just shy of retail...esnipe people!). At the last minute I got a cue and decided it was stupid to pay that much on eBay when I could probably track one down at a store still...what do you know the next morning it reappeard on the H site!