Whew... complicated PCE, but in the end finally got what I wanted! Reveal + pics!

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  1. Me!
  2. after everything you've been through, I'd love too see:smile:
  3. Ok girls, here goes...

    there is ONE thing small that I also had to order, but I'll just say what it is in the end...

  4. me!!!
  5. here!!!! :popcorn:
  6. open
  7. ohh so many goodies!
  8. First let me tell you that all of this happened so fast, I didn't even think I was going to get what I got... in the end I'm happy w/everything...

    First up Op Art dotted Mini Skinny in Crimson
  9. I'm ready!
  10. I'm excited to see!! PITTCHURS!!!! :yahoo:
  11. beautiful mini skinny
  12. Next up, I'm a sucker for cosmetic bags, so I had to get the matching op art dotted cosmetic case...

  13. I'm here! Can't wait to see everything! Love the mini skinny!

    ETA: and the cosmetic bag! Too cute.
  14. Beautiful! Love that red color!