Whether new pieces should have plastic on hardware and handles...

  1. I always (with exceptions, I will explain) buy from the SoHo boutique in NYC for Louis Vuitton.

    Problem is, they ALWAYS remove the plastic. I mean, it isn't a big deal, but I just feel like sometimes I don't want to use a bag right away and I just like how it feels spanking new when something still has plastic still on it!

    I buy from eLuxury occassionally when they have free shipping because you can avoid the tax and basically pay retail with no tax. eLuxury always leaves the plastic on the handles and hardware (the plastic is actually blue).

    The stores in Hong Kong and Paris seems to leave the plastic on as well, what do they do at your boutique? Do you even care whether the plastic is on there or not?

    Thanks for all the responses in advance!
  2. my store (germany) remove the plastic from the bags too. but honestly this is not a big problem for me.
  3. my store (for me) always takes them off. i like to use my stuff right away. i have seen some luggage pieces with the plastic still on them though.

    i personally don't care, though i would prefer them to be off. leather needs to breathe and the plastic is really just to protect them during shipment. it's not healthy to leave the plastic on for long periods of time.. or the plastic could stain/leave a mark on the naked vachetta too..
  4. I really don't care if it's on or not. Most of the ones I've gotten from elux have the plastic, but the ones from the store don't. The ones from the store do, however, have the hardware covered in that blue plastic stuff...for me, I'm more concerned with the hardware being covered so it doesn't get scratched rather than the handles not being wrapped.
    Also, I agree with frozen about not leaving the handles wrapped for long..that's along the same lines of why it's not recommended to store the bags in the boxes..they need to breathe so damage doesn't occur. If the store left everything completely wrapped until someone bought them all, they'd end up with a lot of damaged bags.
  5. My boutique in Dallas usually takes all plastic off. Occasionally, if a piece still has the plastic on it they will ask if I want them to keep it on. I think one reason they don't is because if an item is returned for exchange, it would be obvious to the next buyer. Plus, I guess it is a little more classy looking if the bags have the plastic off. And I agree that they leather needs to breathe.
  6. My mizi came with the plastic on and I left it on for months b-cuz I never used it.

    Well when I finally took it off the vachetta on the handles had changed ever so slightly. It was a very subtle change but had I left it for longer it would have continued to patina at a different rate than the parts that were not in plastic.

    So while i kind of like getting my bags in plastic b-cuz they look crispy brand new, I know for the long term that it is not good so I take it off. But that goes only for pieces with vachetta. I guess it would not matter for epi, suhali or damier pieces.
  7. My store removes the plastic and that's fine to me...
  8. My store usually takes the plastic off. When I get something from elux, it always has the plastic on. As long as it looks brand new, I don't mind there being no plastic.
  9. I buy at the Boston Copley LV store or Eluxury. The first bag I got in the store had all of the plastic on it and while I don't care much either way, I must say it was fun unwrapping it, kind of like a Christmas present! But when I bought a bag a few years later, it did not have the plastic on it. Eluxury had plastic as well. I've never noticed any difference in quality between the wrapped/non-wrapped items.
  10. My SA left the plastic on the rope handles of my Pampelonne, it's the only time he's ever done it. I guess it seems to depends on the SA & his/her mood. I really don't care one way or another, but some people have complained that the hardware gets cloudy if you leave the plastic on.
  11. My store removes the plastic too. And as everyone else, the items that I have received from Eluxury do still have the plastic on them.
  12. My store removes the plastic on the handles, but not the plastic on the hardware.
  13. Same :yes:. I would prefer taking my bags home with the plastic on and being able to remove it myself, though.
  14. Some stores say they 'have' to remove the plastic, but usually if the have a new one in stock, you can request them to leave it on.
  15. if you plan to resell then I can understand otherwise I don't see why you want the hardware covered