Where's your Speedy made?

  1. I went to the LV store for the second time this week because I wanted to check out a gorgeous watch I saw in the catalog (turned out it was much smaller in person than in the picture)...
    Anyway, I asked the SA (out of curiosity) if they had any Speedies made in France in store (the one I got few days ago is made in the US).
    His answer was that "ALL Speedies are made in the US *only*. It is the US that distributes Speedies to the world "...
    To that I just replied "interesting, this is news to me...":confused1:

    I could swear that I once saw a made in France Speedy (in a boutique in Boston)... But I thought that maybe I wasn't 100% sure...

    Please tell me the SA was not lying and that Speedies are indeed all made in the US...

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. erm...that doesnt sound right. My Damier Azur Speedy was made in France, or so it says on the tag :weird:
  3. My mono 30 was made in the USA and my black epi 25 and my mirage speedy were both made in France.
  4. I have a speedy 25 and it is indeed made in France.

    I have been told that U.S made bags are for sale in the US market.
  5. Then Maybe he meant that the mono Speedies were all made in the US?
    IDK. But why would he lie??
    This was annoying to me...:tdown:
  6. mono speedy USA
    damier speedy USA
    mini lin ebene speedy France :O)
    does it matter to me Nope :O)
  7. My mono speedy 35 was made in France
  8. No, it depends on which line the Speedy is from/what country you purchase it in. Monogram Speedies (usually 25 and 30) are typically made in the US as of a couple years ago, as are the Damier ones now.
  9. strange...i've been told by my SA that LV bags are only made in France or Spain...hmm...
  10. Mono Speedy 25 - USA
    Black MC Speedy - France
    White MC Speedy - France
  11. All my LV bags are made in France.
  12. Damier Speedy 25 - FRANCE
    Mirage Speedy Noir - FRANCE
  13. Mono 25 france and Mono 30 france
  14. Mine was made in the U.S.A
  15. Definitely not true...

    My Monogram Speedy 30 was Made in the US