Where's your LV going this weekend?

  1. Karman mentioned her new LV bag is going to the Calgary Stampede this weekend.
    My blue denim baggy pm is coming with me to see Genesis in concert at Twickenham.
    I thought it'd be fun to find out where all those LV bags of ours will be around the world this weekend, so where is your LV going?
  2. Mine will be going to an art show and the rest of the time they will be napping while I paint.
  3. Let's see....

    My Azur Speedy will be my travelling bag to Edmonton. My Mirroir Pouchette & Perle Sunset Boulevard will make it to the wedding, and the new one..will stay in it's brown box until I officially "announce" her.
  4. Yorkdale mall shopping if i'm lucky :smile:
  5. A Christening for the lunch time. Then, after that, the Tiffany's store to return a necklace and then exchange it to buy a cles from LV!
  6. My keepall will go with me to Atlantic City;)
  7. Going to go to the hair salon and then the Galleria. Looking for a playmate for her! :yes:
  8. My speedy Azur will be going with me to the mall. And my keepall willl be going with me to see my mom!
  9. is it ok to bring my manhattan GM to disney. goin there this week?
  10. It all depends on the weather, as we've been having horrible rain showers on a daily basis the past few weeks or so.

    If the sun decides to come out for an entire day, then my baggy pm will go shopping and bowling this saturday! If it pours again, it'll be my mini lin speedy accessorized with my white mc bandeau and my new mc pastilles charm...
  11. WORK!!!!!

    after 3 weeks vacation....and yesterday was our last day.... back to work all weekend long....:tdown:
  12. my pochette goin to shanghai
  13. aw, me too. my mono pochette will be tucked up in my locker at work all weekend.
  14. I'm taking my wapity to the Rangers baseball game Saturday. Husband's employer is having family night.
  15. my Azur speedy 25 and sunset will go to the mall with me and sunday we're going to the church.