Where's your groom made?


Where's your groom made?

  1. France

  2. Spain

  3. Italy

  4. Elsewhere

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  1. Just wondering where the majority of groom peices are made- my agenda and cles were both made in Spain, the long wallet and zippy organizer I saw in the store were made in France, and it seems the bandeau and scarf are made in Italy. I was just curious to see if an item was made in multiple countries- hope I didn't miss a "made in France" oppurtunity! :nuts:
  2. As far as I know, all the groom cles were made in Spain.

    Anyone know where the Azurs were made?
  3. I have a Cles that's made in Spain
  4. My groom agenda was made in spain
  5. My groom ronde says "Made in France" and my groom poch. wallet also says "Made in France". My groom cles says "Made in Spain".
  6. my groom zippy organizer is made in France
  7. Groom rond and compact zippe are made in France. My blue agenda and cles are made in Spain.
  8. I've got France and Spain on various pieces (I have 8 different pieces)....off the top of my head I know ym ronde is france and the agendas are spain.
  9. My cles is made in Spain, the Ronde is made in France.
  10. Mine is made in spain.
  11. I only have a cles and it was made in Spain.
  12. Cles-->Spain
    Poch. wallet-->France
  13. My Azur Speedy 25 and my mom's 30 were both made in France.

    My Groom Porte Monnaie Rond was made in France, my Pochette Cles was made in Spain, and my Red Agenda was made in Spain.
  14. My cles is made in Spain.