Where's the strangest place you ever carried your H bag?

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  1. Yesterday, DH, DS and I went to a local farm to pat the animals (DH), play on the hay bales (DS) and pick local produce (me - blueberries and raspberries). As I got dressed that morning, I thought, "hmmm, which H goes with the rural experience?" LOL! The first thing that came to mind was my "rough and tumble" togo Kelly. So, I threw on a yellow T shirt, green capris, emerald croc H-our watch, yellow/green enamel bracelet with elephants, yellow floral Gucci thongs/flip flops and my green togo Kelly! Then off we went to the farm.

    That got me thinking: Am I the only one who carries H to odd places? Couldn't be. So, where have you carried your H?
  2. Ninja: speaking of strange places. I was on an elephant with my son and Ms. Kelly yesterday!
  3. I can't top that!!

    But Ms Kelly did come to the Zoo with me.
  4. OMG! I was too afraid to carry my Kelly to the Zoo yesterday! I love this thread!
  5. In a port-a-potty at a farm (also for berry picking).
  6. To Chinatown to buy Mochi and nori and be used to carry it home. I also picked up snails in black bean sauce that day, but that didn't go into the bag.:p
  7. HG I would have thought you'd say "Lucky Chengs"!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Or the subway with a Penis Balloon on your head...........:p (I would have paid big money to see that one........)
  8. ^^^Nah! The Plume was the lucky one that night!
  9. Lucky Cheng's would not count as strange by HG's standards. LOL.
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Fesdu, spill the details! :nuts:

    Orchids, I held it in until I got back home.... :p

    HG, sounds delicious!
  12. For me the strangest (or at least most out of context) place was a hard-core bike shop. Bike grease and guys in spandex all looking incredulously (and not necessarily in a good way) at me.
  13. Ninja: it was just the silly elephant ride at the fair. not sure if you want to see an action shot on that. lol.

    but that's also when i realized the legend of Claude and that kelly stepped on by an elephant. it's because of people like ME. :rolleyes:

    HG: you are brave!!! transporting food in your H bag!

    Orchids: ack!!
  14. OMG, if you have a photo - you must post it! I would love to see it!
  15. To my son's class outing, to an organic vegetable farm. It was my Lindy though. Very appropriate, and not at all strange.