Where's the Socal PF meeting??

  1. I see all these posts about meeting everywhere. But no Southern Cali one. Or did I miss it? Please tell me no :crybaby:
  2. I was just thinking this. There was one a couple of months ago, but only a couple of people showed up at SCP. What do you say we make one our selves??
  3. Sounds good to me! I would have went to the SCP one if I had known!
  4. I'll pm ya!
  5. I've been trying to organize one. PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send out another note tonight.
  6. I would love to come. SCP is my haven especially during my kids summer vacation.....I love my babies, but a little time with the grown-ups is always welcome.
  7. i'll be in dc for a few weeks starting at the end of august.
    otherwise, i'll be in the la area during october and onwards.

    my schedule's kinda weird but hopefully it'll work out! :flowers:
  8. Ladies..... please let us know what works better weekends or weekdays? br00kelnx and I would love to make this work!!
  9. generally weekends for me.
  10. I can only do Saturday nights, since my entire weekend goes to my parents. If we meet up around SCP, let's go to Melting Pot for a nice 4-course FONDUE dinner. :yahoo:
  11. weekends once school starts up again, however I will work every angle to go on a weekday if that is the best option for the majority. I too will be out of town the last week of August.
  12. :yes: anytime for me.:yes:
  13. Kou I hope you can go! I've never talked to you, but whenever I think Hermes I think of you ahaha. Everytime I go to the hermes forum I see you there!
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