Where's the price increase?

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  1. Granted, I am not complaining, but news of that price increase almost (ALMOST) made me buy another bag. I just check both Elux and the LV website and the prices seem to be the same.
  2. Maybe they're just taking a little longer to update? I'm sure a tPFer said they saw prices being marked at her local store.
  3. Well, it certainly has by the looks of things in London. The epi keepall 45 is now £800 - I am sure there were much less than that when I bought it in May/June. Also, my GPD, I am sure when I reserved it - the price was £935 but was £995 when I paid for it last Friday.
  4. Really? I've just looked and there's no change for me. I only looked at the Monogram collection?

    Edit: Oops, sorry just re-read what you typed. We had an increase on July 1st so that's why your Keepall has gone up, not sure about the GPD, but there's not been an increase from where I'm standing.
  5. So I looked at a few of the bags I have purchased over the last year. Has the BH been at 795? I remember when I got it at 710. Crazy!
  6. I was going to ask the same question! I've been waiting for the vernis key & change holder to restock. I thought for sure it would be available now with the price increase (conspiracy against me! LOL). I see the price is the same....and still out of stock! I bought the Epi Pochette and the Sweet Monogram Ring on Sat. to beat the price increase!
  7. I think it's been like that for a while now, way before this price increase. It might've gone up during the previous increases, but not this one.

    But yeah, everything looks the same, so far. I guess I'll wait till tonight and see what happens. Looks like the Roxbury Drive is still at $995 (which probably went up from the past price increase), and the Eva is still at $530.

    I can't wait to see the update. :crybaby:
  8. The increase took effect today in the USA on some items it seems but not all. I checked on 3 things and 2 prices were the same, one increased. Examples:
    Palermo GM went from $1300 to $1350
    Pegase 60 and Sunset BLVD. stayed the same according to 866
  9. Cabby GM went from $1860 to $1920.
  10. The price increase is already in effect at Eluxury. The pap bandeau went from $135 to $145, which is more than a 7% increase. Check Elux for the new prices.
  11. Damier pochette wallet went from 495$ to 550$ !!! Thats huge!
  12. inclusion pm bracelets are $305, was it lower than that before?? ugh, i am dying to know cdn prices now. :sad:
  13. Roxbury is now $1,030. Ouch! Thank god I bought her already. Phew.

    The Vernis small agenda is now $355, originally $345. Eva Clutch is now $550, originally $530. I'm assuming the Damier Eva will be the same price once it releases.

    And the Kate is $580, originally $560.

    Oh, and the Vernis Almas got the Price Increase kick too!

    MM: $2080, originally $2000
    GM: $2500, originally $2410
  14. yup, it has gone up, increased about 2-7% depends on the items. :sad::Push: Although some remain the same.
  15. OMG I am so glad to hear the pegase 60 stayed the same. Gives me some time to save and purchase.