wheres the outlet in NJ?

  1. so i started my job at the dentist office.. well im not oging to be a dentist that much i can tell you already lol, its more boring then hard, its all memorization and sterilizing but at least now i have a better means of supporting my new found shopping habit! but im looking for:

    a) any key fobs that i might like
    b) a leather agenda
    c) some type of bag i can bring my lunch, regular stuff, maybe store my pants (cause i need to wear scrubs), and a couple of files, so that would basically mean a tote, (im the queen of packing lol if i do say so myself. i was able to fit a windbreaker in a wristlet when i was a kid during the summer to the movies :lol: .
    d) a mini skinny
    e) hair scarf

    but i wanted to poke through the outlet and see if theres anything that grabs my attention or else id have to go through my little coach wishlist in pieces lol :shocked: which would suck but its all good.

    however where do i go?! wheres the outlet here? is there also a kate spade around there as well? this is almost strictly a workbag, i know many of you guys dont like kate spade, but i love the leather sawyer, at least online lol. point me!
  2. There's a kate spade outlet in the secaucus outlets in jersey...but the only coach outlet i know of is in woodbury... (woodbury also has a kate spade) it's not that bad of a drive depending on where you are in jersey.
  3. thats it! woodbury commons. do they have some decent stuff over there?
  4. i haven't been there in a while, but i think that the selection is alright...it's definitely worth a try considering that woodbury also has a bunch of other great outlets...you're bound to find something....hopefully.
  5. woodbury is in New York (upstate)
  6. There's a Coach outlet in AC.
  7. AC? which county? wow im really lapsing here lol.
  8. I don't know which county it is. LOL. Atlantic City. I was there in May and there were good deals.
  9. If you are close to Route 80 in Jersey, you may want to go to the outlet in the poconos called the crossing I think.
  10. There is one in Atlantic City, i am going to go there soon
  11. There's an outlet in Peddler's Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania as well. That's about 30 minutes from the Burlington/Camden county area.
  12. I'm looking for an outlet that sells signature...the AC one doesn't :sad: Does the Peddler's Village outlet sell signature?
  13. I've only been there once. You might try calling and asking there.
  14. ^^ Call whichever outlet you want to go and ask. I only went to the AC outlet once and I got my signature cardinal duffle there. It was only that bag and one black mini skinny that were signature items. They usually don't carry them but sometimes get a few for some reason.
  15. i keep entering poconanos into mapquest but im not gettign anything, its in nj or ny?