Where’s the “made in Italy” tag?

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  1. I recently bought a Vitello Phoenix tote, but I can’t find anywhere inside the bag the tag that says made in Italy. Does anyone know if there’s supposed to be a tag indicating where it’s made, and if so, where is it located? Thanks a bunch!
  2. I just bought a pre-loved Saffiano Galleria and I couldn't find the black "made in Italy" tag either. Seller bought it directly from the Prada boutique and I already have it authenticated by the helpful authenticators here on TPF. And reading from some of the authenticator responses, it seems like not all bags will have it. Not too sure why. Did you bought your tote from the Prada boutique?
  3. Same here. Before, I can find the “made in” tag during 2017-2018 outlet shops. But this year, when I bought bags, I seem couldn’t find the tag. I already checked every corner and pocket, no made in tag... Why do they do this?
  4. Deception. Especially when the "Made In" says China, Romania, Turkey, Spain, India...well, pretty much anywhere except Italy.
  5. Agreed. I prefer seeing the made in tag “country” than not seeing it at all. Makes me think it’s a fake bag but not really.
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