Where's The Fire??

  1. [rant on]

    My biggest pet peeves on the planet is :censor: tailgaters. What's up with that anyway? I can't drive anywhere these days (even in my own little sub-development!) without seeing someone glaring back at me in my rear view mirror! I'm not one of these people that drive 30 in a 45MPH zone in the "fast" lane. I usually drive the posted speed limit and typically no more than 5-6 mph over that. Everywhere I go, I get tailgated: two lane 35MPH city streets, 65MPH interstate highways, you name. I'm beginning to think today's drivers think "Speed Limit" means "Speed MINIMUM".

    Overlooking that it's a) illegal, b) dangerous and c) just plain stupid, the message that comes across is "Get out of my way, I'm more important than you! My life is more important!!" My reaction to that is "Sorry, I didn't get your intinerary. So sorry I didn't bow down to you." So bottom line, it's just plain RUDE!! :rant:

    For the record I do NOT tailgate. I don't even follow the "2 second rule" since I usually have someone on my rear bumper. I usually up it to the "3 second rule" so if/when I get slammed from behind, I'll have time to stop and not hit the person in front of me.

    Or as my dear old Dad says: "Why is everyone in such a :censor: hurry???!!"

    [rant off]

    Phew! That felt GOOOOD!:yahoo:
  2. I am only speaking of the highway. Not school zones, residential side streets, etc.

    I am a speeder. I confess, but my speeding isn't anyone else's concern, but mines. What I don't like is when someone who wants to do the speed limit doesn't have the common sense to stay out of the fast lane. If you want to do the speed limit, stay in the first or second lane. Don't get into the 3rd, 4th, or 5th. That's what makes people tailgate you in the first place. If you moved, you wouldn't get tailgated. I can't stand that. I hate when I'm speeding and someone comes speeding up behind me getting on my bumper. I move for the most part and let them go.
  3. I always give people the benefit of a doubt. Maybe they ARE in a rush: so what's the big deal about moving over so they can get through? Then they wouldn't be tail-gating you anymore.

    Maybe their wife is giving birth or their dad is in the emergency room. Seriously, who knows? I just don't get the passive-aggressive "Well, screw you, I'm going to just sit here in the fast lane" attitude.
  4. i'll cop to it, i'm a tailgater (and i drive an SUV, i'm aware that that makes me a double :censor:hole). in GA, you can't be pulled over until you're going 11 miles over the speed limit, and i drive 10 over no matter what, and faster if the flow of traffic will allow me to not stick out and get pulled over. i will say, however, that's the normal flow of traffic is usually at LEAST 10 over, and often hovers around 15 over, particularly in metro Atlanta. i heard on the news about a year ago that Atlanta, statistically, has the worst speeders in the country.

    i have no problem with people going the speed limit as long as they're either a) not in the fast lane or b) consistant with the flow of traffic around them. if you're doing the speed limit in the fast lane when the flow of traffic is 10 or 15 over, i'm going to tailgate you until you get into a more reasonable lane for the speed you're going!

    although, if you're in the right lane and going the speed limit, it's completely rude for someone that wants to go faster to tailgate you instead of just moving over into a faster lane of traffic. i'll admit that that's inappropriate.

    driving is a full-contact sport here, so my view is probably more aggressive than the average driver.
  5. Ditto to what elongreach said! I stay the hell out of the passing lane (fast lane) unless I am passing someone or need to be in that lane to turn left momentarily. I get out of the way for people going faster than me, it's their ticket, not mine. I generally go whatever speed I can get away with, but on the Interstates here it is 70 so I usually set my cruise control around 76 and stay in the slow lane whenever I'm not passing. I try not to get in anyone's way. And nothing pisses me off more than one person driving slow in the left lane (usually passing an 18 wheeler) while everyone has to sit behind them and wait... except one 18 wheeler passing another and taking all day to do it!! ;)
  6. This happened to me this morning!! Effing hell, this B**** was tailgating me for so long on the interstate, I was in the right (slow) lane...so naturally, I slowed waaaaaay down. She still didn't pass me but kept up on my ass. I've never been one for road rage, but living in Memphis with I believe some of the dumbest people in the world has made me an angry person on the road. People are absolutely wreckless here. I would rather drive in any major city up north than here any day! Unfortunately I'm stuck here lol. Everyday I make it home alive I'm elated. Seriously. I'm convinced I will die here on the road.
  7. I can see both sides -- it drives me crazy if someone refuses to let me pass when they could easily do so.

    On the other hand, most people are NOT actually having an emergency when they tailgate (On the rare occassions when it's an ACTUAL emergency, then it's understandable!). But most people are just being rude and impatient.

    I'm a cautious driver and I ALWAYS let people pass me when we get to a broken line, or two lanes -- but I, too, HATE when people bear down on you for no reason, or go roaring past b/c they can't wait the two minutes to get to a passing zone, so risk everyone's life by going out around in a no passing zone.

    btw, ELONGREACH -- it's so funny to compare your comments w/ mine b/c you obviously live in a city where there are roads w/ four or five lanes on a side! I almost never drive in conditions like that. Here in the "middle of pennsylvania" a road with two lanes per side is considered a "major" highway, LOL. I certainly wouldn't understand why a slow driver would head to the far left lane on the DC beltway:smile:
  8. Okay, there's no excuse for someone tailgating you in the slow lane. I would slow down too. I would stop if I had to. Screw them, there is another lane and they can go around. It would be different if it were a one lane road, and then I would be nice and wave them around me when I saw it was clear.

    Amanda, you are not kidding about Atlanta!! The rule there is lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!! It doesn't matter what the posted speed limit is on the Interstate there, you just stay with the flow of traffic and out of the left lane (which is usually the 5th or 6th lane over) and you will do fine!! But it is one scary stretch of road around that city! ;)
  9. You really have to be on your guard in larger cities. They generally are going faster even in the slow lane so you have to keep up. However, if I can just go around someone, I do. I hate those idiots who won't move in the fast lane. That requires me to do work and get around them. I tailgate when you are in the fast lane and won't move and there is plenty of room for you to move, but not myself. I hate when people won't move and there are like 6 or 7 cars waiting for them to hurry up.

    MandM, I've driven on the wonderful 2 lane Pennsylvania highways and I must say, I was being passed on those suckers. I was just scared of getting pulled over. I tend to be overly cautious when I'm out of state because I don't know the rules of the road there.
  10. I guess I didn't make myself clear. I'm taking about the A**holes that tailgate you on a TWO LANE ROAD!!! Am I supposed to pull off the road every single time someone is tailgating me under the (sorry but) lame assumption that they have an emergency??? Sorry, there aren't that many emergencies that every other fool on the road needs to engage in this dangerous behavior!!!
  11. On a two lane road there isn't much you can do. We don't have a lot of them around here in the city. But out in the country it seems we always get stuck behind a pulpwood truck or some other slow moving farm vehicle. Not a whole lot can be done about that, but certainly I wouldn't pull off the road for anyone. If they are in that much of a hurry, I would just wave them around when it was clear.

    On multilane highways I don't bother tailgating someone going too slow in the left lane or flashing my lights at them, I just pass them on the right. Despite what people (especially in the South) think, it's not illegal to pass people on the right. ;)
  12. However, if you are blocked in, you can't pass on the right. You just have to wait it out.
  13. I agree!! Ya gotta keep with the traffic flow. Don't be unconscious and in the fast lanes doing the speed limit!

    I used to be pretty cautious about tailgating b/c I was #6 out of 7 in a pileup a few years ago. It was really scary and teaches you a lesson that you really CAN'T stop as quickly as you think you can when you are going fast. But I have to admit I'm getting worse at it, esp on 2 lane roads.

    I do use extra caution when I'm alone and somewhere I'm not familiar with. I was hiking with a girlfriend and she was tailgating and yelling at these guys in a pickup in front of us on a woodsy road...NOT a good idea, these guys had a gun rack in their truck! :wtf:
  14. I must admit I am a speeder. :shame: I grew up in Chicago where you get mauled for not reacting to a green light fast enough. To be honest I dont even look at the speed limit (unless I am on a residential street or school zone) and average about 50mph. On the highway I do about 80mph - unless there is traffic and then I stay with the flow.

    I dont tailgate unless provoked. A situation that I tailgate in is when people cut you off without even looking or apologizing. Then yes there will be a large red SUV on you A:censor: . I do it only long even to get my point across and then pass you when I have the chance. This obvious does not make it okay and I know I need to work on my road rage.

    I agree with what others have said about people needing to stay out of the left lanes unless they are passing or speeding. Why pull into the left lane and go the exact same speed as the person next to you? :shrugs: People do this ALL THE TIME in Oregon and it drives me batty :nuts: .
  15. Exactly. I don't tailgate the innocent. I tailgate the idiots. Don't cut me off. I hate that. Get behind me. I know you see me coming and then you cut me off and slow me down at that.