where's the easiest place to get a birkin??

  1. would it be in Paris? Someone told me you don't need to be on a list if you get it there??
  2. a reseller.
  3. Yea, a reseller if u r willing to pay a mark-up.

    Try Paris, for sure.
    We've heard many success stories from some lucky ladies on this forum.

    I also heard that a newly-opened Hermes store will carry a couple of birkins in stock (if the VIPs have not snatch them off the racks already).
  4. a reseller, createursdeluxe has some nice stuff at not so high mark-ups
  5. Not all of the recommended resellers have high mark-ups. Esp. if you check out the eBay thread in the "Hermes Shopping" site, you can often find pretty good deals.
  6. thanks for all the replies. I really wish I could get it in Paris. I just love the feeling of purchasing a new bag from the store itself. :love: I know this kinda sounds silly, but would there be a particular month/day that I should go to there? :shame:
  7. Baggaholic, is that a blue jean birkin in your avatar? What size and leather is that? Its looks yummy (lol):love:
  8. I think most times, except around August (confirm this with other members) when most of Europe is on holiday.....

    Visit 24 FBG in the afternoon, is apparently the best time of day.
  9. ... the closet of a lady here!! :nuts:

    Try your luck at 24 Fabourg but please please please don't walk in saying "Got Birkin?" because they will say no.
  10. LOL, only FRANCE is on holiday in August. In August, France is officially closed!
  11. wow closed in August? lol. How Europeans are have always fascinated me that's why i love studying European history :yes:

    perja, that cracked me up.:lol: so how should i go about getting an SA to sell me one? Should I buy other stuff first like scarf or wallet?
  12. young_princess, do a search on this subforum for this information but from my experience, all you have to do is display a healthy (or unhealthy if you hang out too often here ;) ) interest in Hermes and its craftsmanship.

    Of course, if other items steal your heart away, by all means buy them, they always appreciate that. But in France, it is not a prerequisite to buy anything else. And believe me, once you buy one small thing... oh boy. I was nearly Herm-less (or was it harmless?) this time last year and look at me now, all decked out with small leather goods.

    Just my 2cts.

  13. Do you think I can find a Blue Jean Birkin form a reseller?
    I now it is a hot item.
  14. Lookinggood...stay on the forum...keep your eyes and ears open and I know a BJ birkin will find you. It is very much possible.