wheres the cheapest country to get gucci?

  1. Just wondering where everyone has found gucci cheapest overall?
  2. ........ i wish i knew. i think i live in the most expensive city in the world......
  3. maybe in european countries?
  4. In italy I found it was cheap at the Gucci outlet at the mall near florence. I paid around 300.00usd for a monogram medium abbey around 45 euro for wallet and 30 euro for silver ring. They had really cheap things there scarves for around 30 euro or so and shoes for around 75 - 100 euro . I think this is a little cheaper than the us outlets. There were also good deals at the other stores such as Fendi scarves around 16 euro.. I know many eBay sellers and online stores visit the mall in italy during sales to buy stock
  5. Hi, hope you don't mind me joining in cos I love Gucci! I believe it would either be Paris or Italy (country of origin)? =)
  6. really?is it authentic? just wondering...
  7. Correction. Shld be cheapest in Italy, I believe:p
  8. I've never been to Europe myself, but I heard from my friends that Italy has the best prices. My friend bought two bags there herself last year when she was there. One of them was the Pelham and she got it for $300 less than the US price!!! Once in awhile Hawaii will have a few bags that's cheaper than the mainland as well.
  9. Yes these are Official Designer outlet boutiques. Do a Google search for The Mall in Leccio Regello. This is an oulet type strip mall called "The Mall " for all the high end designers Very Nice Place. The designers all have outlet shops. Fendi YSL Balenciaga Gucci Marni LaPerla Burberry etc... It is sort of in the middle of nowhere. I remember thinking I dont think there is anything like this maybe we are lost but it is there in the middle of the country. D & G is down the road a bit from the Mall. They have a stand alone outlet. Prada is also close by. They all have some associates who speak english.

    http://viatraveldesign.com/archive/7F0F8A275C62BD24/ The designers available, directions and the hours.

  10. oh i see..thatnx for posting that link...i really love gucci..
  11. Yes, definitely cheaper in Italy. I had my chance to get a Pelham in Rome but the conversion from Euros to Dollars was too hard for me lol! I forgot that I would get the VAT refund on it too so that's quite a savings. Poor call on my part.
  12. do you think its a good idea to go italy just to go to the Gucci boutique?...hmmm...
  13. depends on your airfare cost and how much you are going to buy if you resell etc.... Last year when I was visiting family in us I bought a roundtrip for around 600.00 . We live there so we just spent one night at a hotel but it was expensive and also cost us like 60 euro in tolls from venice to the outlets and back.
  14. Thanks for the info! Now I have to make a trip to Italy!

  15. You could make a vacation out of it. I would love to visit Italy regardless of gucci.