Where's the best place to sell used handbags?

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  1. I own many handbags -- Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Prada, Francesco Biasia, etc., that I no longer want. They are barely used -- maybe used once or twice at the most -- and are stored in their original dust covers, inside their own closet, in a smoke-free house. I am trying to downsize -- getting rid of things that I don't use in preparation for retirement. I see a lot of purses on EBay but don't know if people will pay good money for these purses. Some of my smaller purses I've start giving away as gifts because they have never been used. I would like to try to sell the rest but would like to get some advise from my fellow purse lovers. Thanks in advance and I would appreciate your thoughts in this matter.:girlsigh:
  2. You have to do your research and see what they might sell for on eBay and be realistic about what they are worth.

    There's alot of information on the eBay forum so have a look there
  3. Its just a thought but have you considered selling them for a charity close to your heart. Maybe you could get together with women in your neighbourhood a have a glamorous auction. Best wishes for your retirement.
  4. If you were to put them on ebay, I would advise a $.99 opening bid & no reserve just to let the market take them where they should go.
    I think folks are more likely to bid if they get to "chase" the bag.
    Good luck with retirement!
  5. Use Ebay to get an idea of what your bags are selling for by using the advanced search feature to look at completed items. Once you get an idea of what they are worth try Ebay yourself or use craigslist if you are in a metropolitan area, just don't take any wierd Western Union orders if you do use Craigslist. Insist on cash. Anything that's left donate to a charity, women's shelter or one of the organizations that give poor women business outfits so they can get back into the workforce.
  6. I sold some of mine on craigslist. I was in no hurry, I just kept relisting them. I like that there are no fees.
  7. what kind of bags did you sell on CL and did you get what you wanted for them?
  8. hi all, im looking to sell my bags too.. other than ebay, bonazale, criaglist, are other any reputable sites that dont charge listing fees? thanks..
  9. I think that if you are going to sell your bag, you need to get the idea out of your head of what you think they will go for. If you do ebay, as already mentioned start at 0.99 and see where it goes. You can always put a reserve on it if you do not want to sell it for much.
  10. I have had pretty good luck on Bonanzle - It's a $5 listing fee, you can't beat it! Lots of TPF members on there - haven't had a problem with nonpayers like I have on ebay.
  11. I've sold a ton on eBay over the years. In order to not take a chance at not getting a decent price, I research sales of similar items for the past 30 days and see the average selling price. I then go to the lowest number I can stomach close to the average selling price and start the bidding there.

    Starting too high will deter bidders, but starting at 99¢ scares me too much. I've gotten good money starting the bidding at $250 with the assurance that the bag is authentic and offering a return policy.
  12. Avelle is an excellent site to sell your designer handbags. They are the most professional source for recycling those gorgeous bags, you no longer carry. I first learned about them when I saw, Sex in the City, the movie. Since then, I've read about them in Vogue, Instyle, and WWD.

    Avelle is the best option compared to other auction sites, because they'll offer the top price, and payment is instant cash without the hassle.

    They also buy many other items such as, jewelry, sunglasses, wallets and watches.

    It's true, they have the largest collection of designer bags for rent, but Avelle can also clean and repair any bag to it's original condition.

    I think Avelle is the most credible site for recycling those designer accessories, you no longer need cluttering your closet.
  13. Hello,
    Are you affiliated with the site?
  14. Hello,

    No I am just a big fan of their collection. I rent quite a few handbags each month and I've purchased a few pieces of their jewelry. I am going to sell some designer gems I no longer wear.
  15. this is an old thread and has been duplicated so many times over.
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