Where's the best place to buy a Chanel bag?


Bon chic, bon genre!
Nov 12, 2010
NYC baby :)
Hi everyone :smile:
I live in New York City and I'm looking to purchase my first Chanel - a medium 2.55. However, I don't have the faintest clue as to where the best place to buy it would be. Should I buy it directly from a Chanel store or should I get it from Saks or Bergdorf's? Which has the best customer service if I have a problem or need to return the bag (not that I see that happening lol)?



Mar 21, 2007
When you buy from a dept. Store I would recommend if they are having a gift card event, then buy from the dept store , if the sales agent obtains your information your purchase will be in the system. Any issues they would attempt to repair for you at the store or the boutique, depending on issue both the dept store and the boutique would offer to repair if possible if repair not possible, the option for store credit would be offered. Hope this helped a little